Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rachael's Bridal Shower

Today my future "new Daughter" had her bridal shower at her Mother's home. It was lovely. Lots of friends and family that care about and love Rachael. Lots of pretty presents.

Chocolate. Lots of chocolate...with the occasional piece of fruit, you know, for health reasons.....
and a yummy punch. I think that's what I love and remember so vividly about showers! The PUNCH.

Although I know I probably could make punch for, oh let's say, a special event, like, uh, it's THURSDAY.. seems I don't. So silly.

Anyway, good punch.

And good wishes. For a new life together. A wedding in two weeks. That's all it is and they will be happily on their way.
(I can just see the videotographer asking Jeff, "well, now that you're married, what's next??" And Jeff replying, "We're going to Disneyland!!") ...because they are....!!!

Anyway, back to the shower. Lots of gift cards which I think is so practical now. With them both having lived on their own for a while, they really don't need another toaster. And even if they did, they can now get the very one they want, not what someone else thinks would be good.

But I can never leave well enough alone, so in addition to the gifts cards Grandma Evelyn and I got them, we concocted a "Marriage First Aid Kit" for her. Randy helped with the signage. Too fun.

While checking out at the dollar store register, the girl asked, "What are you doing with such an odd selection of items?"

Which I thought was an odd question from someone working at a dollar store that carries only the finest of odd items...

Anyway, I told her and she thought it was funny. Or she said she thought it was funny. Maybe she was just humoring me. Hmmm...

OK, so I thought I'd put in the blog today what the "First Aid Manual" said: Or read: Manuals don't actually speak..although this one sort of did to me....I'm rambling again, huh?
So here it is. Picture the odd assortment of items when you read this:

A magnifying glass
….to remind you to “magnify” the good in each other…

Tea bags
…to remind you that when in hot water, you become stronger.

Cotton balls
…to remind you to be that “soft place to fall” for each other.

A ruler
…to keep you on the “straight & narrow”. And that there are 2 rulers in each home! (we gave her 2 wooden rulers, hahaha)

A compass
…to become each other’s “true north”.

…to remind you to “stick together”.

Hershey Kisses & make-up
…to remind you to “kiss” and “make-up”.

Rain ponchos
…to help you weather the storms.

…to “spice” up your life.

Rock salt
…to remind you to take thing “with a grain of salt".

Snuggle remind you to “snuggle” often.

Kleenex remind you to “dry” each other’s tears.

A laugh sign remind you the most important thing in a marriage is to “laugh”.

Clips help you “keep things together”.

A sewing kit remind you that you have all it takes to “mend” your love.

…to remind you that everyone can be both “Sweet AND Tart”.

So, there you have it. A new life. A first aid kit. A trip to Disneyland.

Does it get any better than this???

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Brandi said...

I wish I was there, but I am SOOOOO excited that I will get to meet my future sister-in-law and her family in less then 2 weeks!!!

The First Aid kit is a hoot!