Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Total eclipse of the sun...uh...moon

So, apparently Lulu listens to the news. I figure that's the only way she knew about the eclipse this morning.

And, apparently, she thought I'd like to see it..in all it's various phases.

Therefore, it was necessary, no her JOB to wake me , oh, about every hour or so once it started to go outside and look at it.

And we did. I have to admit, it was quite something to see. I didn't even need my Pyrex Amber Gold cake pan to look through it to the eclipse!

No, wait..that's so you don't burn your eyes in a solar eclipse. I remember odd tid-bits of high school science anyway.

Yes, we enjoyed the sight, tried to sleep in-between the phases, but we caught it all. Thanks Lulu.

And, I hear, there won't be another until February of 2008.

Shhhhh! Don't tell Lulu!

So, set your alarms, or your pups, and see the sights. Don't miss a thing. It'll be a while until this opportunity comes a knockin' again!
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Johnny said...

haha, LULU is the best.

Eclipse are awesome. I remember seing my first Lunar eclipse. Years ago and I actually watched it with my mom.

Didn't see much of last nights eclipse (went to work very early yesterday and therefore by the time it got dark over here I was fighting sleep very bady). I did see teh moon early in teh evening as it rose and it was a beautiful glowing shade of red.

A friend of mine took photos of the entire event last night. He has one photograph that shows the different phases at different times. An amazing picture. When I get the chance I'll send you copy of it.