Monday, August 6, 2007

Bad dogs, BooBoos & Band-Aids….

So, I was dog-sitting for Dax again this week-end while Jeff was out of town. Most of the time, Lulu & Dax get along …somewhat. However, there are a few things of Lulu’s that NO ONE messes with – especially Dax. One is her sock collection – the other is her Mom (me) in the bathroom.

Well, Dax did both this week-end and while trying to break them apart (Lulu is the “Princess Warrior” after all ) I got a bite – a cut- a small scratch. One that, although small, required a band-aid.

That’s what got me thinking. About Band-aids. About all the cute ones kid’s have access to. Spiderman. Power Rangers. Sponge-Bob-Square-Pants. NASCAR, for heaven’s sakes!

Thinking about how ours are, well, boring. The same beige-skin-tone-if-you-are-a-beige-person ones. The ones that haven’t changed in, oh, l don’t know- like 60 years!?

Oh yeah, they cling better now, and they seem to come off easier, but,hey -they are BEIGE people!

How about some really rockin’ band-aids? Like Kate Spade. Or Ralph Lauren. Some Shabby-Chic ones by Rachael Ashwell. Vera Wang for Wedding cuts?? Or, because I am a scrapbooker, some really cool ones made by Scenic Route. Or Wild Asparagus.

The guys could have Harley's or Hemmies or Hooters – uh- ok - maybe NOT Hooters- but something real “manly”. Like “Brawny Band-Aids”. So they wouldn’t have to just grin-a-bare-it? Hey, BEARS!

My carpenter husband gets so many cuts while working I have started calling him “Nick”.

Maybe he needs a Harley Band-Aid and a kiss. That’ll make everything all better- Wait- now you want a lollipop too?
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