Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Air" Cuts

Randy has done a lot in his life, and most of it he's been good at. Exceptional, even. Cooking, carpentry, shopping, painting, tile laying, and being a good Dad and a great Grandfather (not a GREATgrandfather...you know...)

But, or however, he never ceases to amaze me. This time it was with the pups. Braxton seems to need a touch-up between "beauty" appointments. Lulu, on the other hand, doesn't. Really. She only needs a trim once or twice a year. But Braxie's hair grows. Into his eyes. Thus, the cut.

If any of you know anything about Lulu, you'll know whatever Braxton , or anyone else, has or wants, she wants AND needs to have. Toys. Cookies. Mom's lap. Carrots. Socks.

Period. End of story.

I'm always afraid if I get stopped for a traffic ticket, she'll want one too.

Back to Randy. He gives Braxie his trim. Lulu whines. Is she worried that he's being hurt?? No... Is she concerned he'll fall off the table?? No... She wants a hair cut too.

So Randy gives her "air" cuts.

First he cuts Braxton's hair, then 'air cuts' Lulu's, then back to Braxie. Back and forth, until Braxton's done. Then both pups get treats for looking SOOO Beautiful & SOOO Handsome!

What a life...

Are we lucky or what?? :-)
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Kristina said...

That is just the cutest story ever! I love hearing these little "slice of life" moments!

wisteriagirl said...

I just found your Blog and what cute puppies! I also have to say...Love your hair and glasses! Hugs, Cindy