Friday, August 10, 2007

What a cute covey of quail !

Yes, that's what I thought as Braxton, Lulu and I were finishing up our morning walk. We had already said "hello!" to the Pygmy goat -which reminds me - I need to find out it's name so I don't sound so silly saying "Good morning.......uh..goat" .....

Anyway, we were finishing the walk and nearing home, stopping at the somewhat busy street (like a car every 5 minutes or so) when I spotted a whole covey of quail! Ohhh! They are so fun to watch. They actually sort of waddle!

Only these I think were older- no babies with them- I think it may have been a senior citizen's field trip - some had that middle-age spread going on. And some were slow - looking like an old man with a walker.

Then I saw it. A car barreling down the street. He was driving east - towards the sun- which at this time of the morning is brightly coming over the Wasatch mountains. I just knew he didn't see them. Sunshine blindness and all.

I figured he'd probably see me though. I'm wearing a bright green LARGE shirt and neon pink Crocks. So I risk it all, holding the dogs back with one hand, getting into the semi-squat position with one hand raised in the universal "STOP!" sign while the quail slowly meandered across the wide street.

Now, mind you, I am not an expert on birds, but I swear they were looking a little indignant, heads held high - continuing their slow pace. The driver saw me - looked at me like, oh I don't know.... a "WHAT?? ARE YOU CRAZY ?" kind of look and stopped. Just long enough for the quail to reach the other side of the wide street and.............


Are you kidding me?? All the time I'm risking life and limb and pink Crocks you all could have just FLOWN AWAY?

Oh well. gotta love nature......
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