Saturday, September 1, 2007

Who says kids don't read these days....

I got to spend the day with my son, Jeff, who you may remember, is getting married.

Next week.

One week from today.

OK, so he had an errand to run which would take him about 120 miles out of town. He knows that I like rides in the country, so he asked if I would like to tag along.

I would, thank you.

So I did. And we had a great time together. Mother and grown son, he about to be married and me "tagging along" for a ride in the country.

Probably would be the last "mother-son" outing we would have together, just he and I. He'll be on his own journey and won't need me tagging along anymore.

So we rode. 120 miles. ONE WAY. And then 120 miles back.

But, we listed to 80's music on his IPod. And yes, I knew all the words. And the names of most of the artists.

And we talked. About the times when the music was popular. What we were doing. Where we lived. How little he was then. What he remembers. What I remember....

And it was good.

A good day.

So when we arrived home, I saw a small box from the post office. I thought it was just another book I had purchased on Amazon. (you can get good used ones W-A-A-Y cheap there by the way...)

Anyway, he said, with a big 'ol grin, "No. This is not a book."

So I opened it to find these two boxes of Band-Aids. For grown-ups.

Bacon & Eggs. Can you believe that??

He had read my post about not having fun band-aids for grown-ups and he found these on eBay and bought them for me.

What a hoot.

Now I can't wait to get hurt so I can use bacon. Or....really hurt so I can use bacon and eggs!

Here's to long rides on the country and music that takes you on a journey back in time. Here's to growing up.

And, here's to being un-grown-up enough to enjoy small treasures.

Like bacon & eggs.........

ps - wanna know what the "toy" inside the band-aid box was? A teeny-weeny pink plastic that SICK or what????????????????
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Mary said...

Thank you so much for the kind comments you leave me. I'm just now making time to backtrack through your really hilarious posts - thanks for making me giggle. I still have a bit of my English accent but no "nose in the air" that's for sure. 2012 is rather a long wait to see Ireland - hope perhaps you can speed things up and visit sooner - life is short you know!!

Hope your son's wedding is wonderful - my son is 41 and still single much to his current girlfriend's dislike.

Hope your Labor Day weekend is fun. I'll be checking back with you.