Monday, September 3, 2007

Laundry day and other random thoughts.....

So, yesterday, along with all the home-primping I was doing for the much anticipated 'Sisters' visit, was laundry day.

Yes, I have a washer...the photo is for.... effect.......

Anyway, while folding the clothes and towels, I thought of how I never use a towel to wrap my hair in like I used to. I remember when I was little, I always wrapped my hair in a towel and sometimes walked around the house, like a queen with her crown.

There was a certain skill to wrapping it just right too. Like tucking the final tip up and under the back so it would stay on, oh, sometimes for hours.

Maybe it's because I have had short hair for quite a while now. But my daughters and grand daughters have longer hair and I don't remember seeing them with towels on their heads either. Hmmmm.....

I ended up taking my shower late last night. Too late to worry about drying my hair before I went to bed. Besides, it is still too hot to use the blow-dryer.

OK, so I didn't put product in it either. Went to bed with it sort of damp-ish. Woke up this morning looking like Lyle Lovett.

On a bad day.

Had to rush and re-wet my hair and get product in it before I scared someone.


Notice how everyone says 'product' nowadays? Why don't they just say gel, or mouse. or goo? Goop maybe.


I am so hip.

I think I'm rambling. Guess that's what happens when you're the only one up at 5:42 am. the morning...

On a holiday.

Gee, thanks Lulu.

Have a good Labor day. And try not to 'labor' too much.

Unless, of course, your sisters are coming to visit. :-)
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