Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Sullivan girls....

...are together again!

My sisters, Kathy and Gerri, have come to Utah for my son's wedding.

And we are having a blast.

And they've only been here for 7 hours.

If laughing is jogging on the inside, then we're just run a marathon.

We are tellers of tales. We all have the gift of "embellishing" stories to make them even better.


More real. ...real-er. Silly-er. Better-er.

And we share that laughter with everyone we meet. And I think that's a gift.

Like the lady attendant in the airport parking lot - when, before I picked my sisters up, and I couldn't figure out how to get out of that silly parking area, which was definitely NOT the one I wanted to be in, dryly told me to "just keep going left....."

"Keep going left?"

"Yes, keep going left" (rather rudely, I thought)


So, when we happened to be in her line to pay out after I had my sisters with me, I proudly told her..

"I have my sisters! I kept going left and I found them! These are my SISTERS!"

She finally smiled, then laughed and actually looked like she was having a good day.

She told us to"...have a good day, ladies..."

And she smiled, a big 'ol grin.

Then in the grocery store. One sister said "this is a real nice grocery store. Why haven't you brought me here before?"

Ah, because it's a grocery store.....??

Then the other sister spotted "IT"....a silly, funny looking duck planter, with live plants growing out it's back.

Well, she just had to have it. For me.

Silly duck. She carried it around the grocery store like a baby. Named it Harmon. (we were shopping at Harmon's - get it??)

And she had to explain to the box-boy-man-person that this was Harmon. That she had named him....

He looked at her like she was nuts.

This totally cracked all three of us up (that and the fact none of us has gotten any sleep in the past 48 hours) and we thought we were the funniest people alive.

Soon the box-boy-man-person was laughing. Then the checker. Then the people in line behind us. (Oh, and Kathy, I don't think that was a man dressed up like a really ugly woman. I think it was just a real ugly woman.. with lots of hair. and a wig. and men's shoes...and..)

Anyway, this is just the start of a fun long week-end with lots of family, food and laughter. Not to mention the stories told. And the stories made to tell later.

At the next "gathering of the girls"

And it will go all too fast. In a blink.

So, love your sisters, whether they are by family or your "sister-friends." Be the kind of woman you'd like to have for a friend.

And laugh together. And have people whisper that you are "too loud" and that you are having "too much fun"

And laugh some more. The world needs more people that are having "too much fun"......
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The Tattered Nest said...

it sounds like your are having a great time...take care of yourself after everything is over, wedding withdrawls can be painful...