Sunday, September 9, 2007

One Saturday in September...

Ah, yes. The wedding Saturday. Jeff & Rachael @ 4PM - Big Cottonwood Canyon. Reception from 5 to 7.

Hey, we have TONZZZZ of time!

So, Gerri, Kathy, Emily and I go garage sailing. From 8am to 10am. No good finds are found after that.

And, boy, did we find some good finds. Great finds. Really great finds...

A red wooden guitar. For the neighbor's 2 young sons. A gift from my grand daughter, Emily. A baggie of 75 Hot Wheels cars for $3. For Brahm & Oliver.
Oh, Jenny's going to love those...and Captain Underpants! What a great book.
Jenny's going to totally appreciate that!

And a silver pogo stick for Kathy's grandson, Ellis. Now, she has to figure out how to get that home. Along with a metal plate rack for her daughter, Kari, and a battery-operated hair curler-braider for her grand daughter, Kailee. Oh, and the metal sunburst sconces for her home.

All to be flown back to Arizona. On an airplane. With security like it is. Can you imagine?

And then, we figure we still have time to kill before we need to be on the mountain at 4.

Hmmmm...what to do..

How about a surprise birthday party for Emily? It would be a real surprise, because her birthday was the 28th of August.

Yeah, we can use the decorated backyard for the rehearsal dinner for the "Princess Party" for her.

So, it's cake and balloons and presents and cards. Fun time. Great presents. Yummy cake.

And all of this before noon.

Noon! Time to eat lunch! We find a really "girly" place to eat and have some of the best food evah!!

Carmelized pear and Gorgonzola salad with candied walnuts and an artichoke- pesto quiche.


Still time before the wedding. Time to wash the skirt that I plan on wearing. And to sew Brandi's dress, and to press the blouse, and find shoes to match Brandi's dress.....and fix Emily's hair and to shower, and to get ready, and to, and to, and to..........

However, we were on the mountain by 4.

The wedding was amazing - even with the best man driving to the wrong canyon, figuring out it was the wrong canyon, and finding himself behind a marathon, with police telling him he can't go down the wrong mountain until all the runners have past..... and.,no, they won't give you a police escort just because you are in the wrong man or not.

Dad of the Groom stood in for the best man. Making the first "Best Man" the "Goodest Guy" according to Emily. Oh, by the way, the Goodest Guy is a demotion from Best Man....

"The part of the Best Man is being played by the Groom's Father, Randy........."

But it still went off without a hitch. beautiful bride. beautiful setting. beautiful weather. beautiful day...

All on one Saturday in September.........
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