Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ever have "one of those days"???.............

…that you’ll remember forever??

In a good way??


Not just another Monday.

After several trips back & forth to the airport, returning family back to their homes and lives, my big sister, Kathy and I had the rest of the day to ourselves.

Oh what to do? The possibilities are endless.

Shop. Lunch. Shop. Shop.

Milk a cow.


Yes, we milked a cow. At a farm.

Me: Kathy, have you ever milked a cow?

Kathy: Uh, no.

Me: Wanna??

Kathy: Uh, yeah…….

So off we go. To milk a cow.

Kathy & me. And Gidget the cow.

Had to fight off 16 5-year olds who thought they’d cut in line in front of 2 old ladies.


Kathy got 2 spickets to shoot milk. Screamed and almost scared Gidget out of her stall.

Entertained all the grandparents who took all those 16 5-year olds to milk a cow. On a farm.

And got a private tour of a century old farmhouse. After hours. Got to touch things they ordinarily don’t let ‘regular’ people touch.

Like the hay & feather bed.

And take all the photos we wanted. And I did.

Found a ‘girly’ place for lunch with a boutique that had the cutest stuff. Made new friends with the owners.

Took photos there. Had the owners take photos of us.

Then off to dinner with Randy at Café Rio.


One last walk with the dogs for Kathy.

Then home to look at all the pictures we took that day and remember and laugh all over again.

Gotta love digital.

One day to do whatever we wanted.

And things we didn’t even know we wanted to do.

One day neither of us will ever forget.

One great day.

Thanks, Kathy. I love you.

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BonnieRose said...

so happy u and your sis had such a great day.. isn't that the best?? hugs, and tks for the blog link on your sidebar!hugs gf