Thursday, September 13, 2007

...And the award goes to............

I thought we should have the Academy Awards of wedding/rehearsal dinner/birthday party time.

After all, it's my blog.

So here they are.....

From left to right, top to bottom:

Best impersonation of a garden gnome: Andy

Best 7-year old surprise party birthday girl: Emily

Best multi-generational grouping: Great-Grandma Evelyn, Grandpa Randy and Grand daughter Emily

Best in show: Rachael and Father walking down the forrest "isle"

Best first kiss: Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Patton

Best cake topper: dancing bride & groom

Cutest couple: Rachael & Jeff

Best set design: Ford Escort Mach 1 (Edited by Jeff : Uhhh, maaaaaa!!! I have a Ford Focus Mach Audio edition ZTS. Sheesh.)

"Cutest little outfit": Biker Brother Andy (quote by sister, Brandi)

Most surprised look of terror: Groom Jeffery

Best group hug: Bride Rachael, sister Becca and nephew, Harbor

Best reflection: Jeff

Cutest Dad-Daughter photo: Randy & daughter Brandi

Best rehearsal dinner prep: The whole gang we left behind while we went to the rehearsal (thanks all - it was amazing!)

Best tear-jerker moment: Big brother Andy making a completely surprise appearance - everyone in tears!

Best appetizers: Brie and apricot jam on french bread rounds

There were some awards given without photos:

Best one-liner: "Rest in pieces" ...Brooks the Best Man ( absentee vote) when hearing the story of Kathy's rattlesnake encounter. After it was killed, chopped into pieces, the pieces drowned then burried.

Best coincidence story: Barb may be related to the owners of the historic bed & breakfast they stayed in - a heritage photo seemingly familiar and family name, place of origin, etc.

Best stand-in: Father of the groom standing in for the bedraggled Best Man, caught behind marathon runners in the wrong canyon. Sorry Brooks!

Best alcoholic beverage: Orange dreamcicles made by Barb - Yum-O

Best garage sale finds: Silver pogo stick for little Ellis, book about Bruce ..... I mean Captain Underpants....a red guitar for Brahm & Oliver

Earliest riser: Aunt Kathy (4 AM)

Last to bed at night: Brandi (3:59AM)

Best director/ set decorations: Aunt Gerri

Best of times had by all: The ENTIRE week-end!

Thanks to all who came, for all you did and for such wonderful memories!
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Brandi said...

You need to teach me how to do that with the pictures! I *hate* to admit this, it pains me, but you know more about this blog/picasa stuff then I do! Over Christmas, I might need a lesson or 2 :).