Monday, September 10, 2007

Father of the Groom....................

I know there are whole movies dedicated to the "Father of the Bride".

And I'm certain these past few months have been very hectic and stressful for him.

And we like him. A lot. Nice guy...

But this day's writing is not dedicated to him.

Today is for Randy. Wonderful husband. Great father. Good friend. My best friend.

He has been going for "saint-hood" all week.

Cooking rehearsal dinner. Setting up tables. Playing with grand kids. Calming my nerves. Slipping me money.... and more money. Calming my temper. Entertaining my sisters. And my daughters. And my neighbors. Being a role model for my 2 sons. Stepping in at the last minute as Best Man.

Wearing a Tuxedo in the woods, for Heaven's sake!

I'm exhausted just writing it. And reading it.

So, today's blog is for you, Honey. I just wanted to say thank-you and that I soo appreciate you and what you have done for all of us this past week. You are an amazing man.

And I love you. A lot. Nice guy.
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The Tattered Nest said...

what a great picture of the two of you! sounds like you are one lucky girl...great husband's are hard to find, I hear it all the time from my friends who don't have them! I consider myself a lucky girl too!

The Tattered Nest said...

p.s. I forgot to tell you that the apple gourds are already dried out...they let them dry for a year after picking them, so they should last forever!