Saturday, September 15, 2007

Lookie what I found!!!.Or..I need a girlfriend...

I went out this morning while it was still so cool. Had one flea-market stop on my "must do" agenda and was pleasantly diverted to another garage sale on the way.

First thing I did was try a chair on for size - you know, to see how it feels? (remember Goldilocks?)

It felt strangely, uh, wet. Squishy almost....

Seems a big 'ol bird decided to "try-it-on-for-target-practice" first.

But not to dwell on the negative, the sale was fabulous! Got these:

They're a beautiful green. And clean. No bird bombs...

Then I found these:

Got the whole lot, including the pillows, for a mere $10!

Now off to the one place I had intended...a new (to me ) place called Abode.

Where have you been all my life???? I could feel all the little hairs on my arms stand up a do a little shudder!

Cute doesn't describe it. And the darling young girl who is probably as old as several pairs of shoes I own, was so nice and sweet.

Bought this cute vintage sewing box and the "C" (for coffee, you think?? Oh no..........for Colleen!)

If you have a chance, look up their site:

You'll have a blast!
But it's not as good as reading all their tags on the stuff in real life. Like on a brown small chest.."What can brown do for you?" and too many to remember.hahahahhaha!
That's why I must go back.

She even told me the name of the great 40's music she was playing and I have ALREADY ordered it on of course... for $4.95!

On the way home, with a five-dollar bill in my pocket, burning a hole and all, I spotted an Estate sale. I'll go on about Estate sales and how I feel sad about everyone rummaging through your stuff later, but as I was rummaging through I found this:

What a fun day!

Oh, and the reason I need a girlfriend is to share all this with!
My sisters are gone home and so have my beautiful daughters.
And a man, well....they just wouldn't understand...
Sorry Honey.
I know you'd be so patient and sit in the car while I shopped, or even may go in with me, but, think about'd be, like, "what the heck is she going to do with that ?? "
So, all done until next week. Gotta find a yard-sale-flea-market friend to share with!
Any takers???????


Anonymous said...

I'm on my way...we could have so much fun! Betty

BonnieRose said...

such fun shopping finds. omg.. lucky u! hugs