Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Howdy Neighbor ..................

I remember when people used to say "howdy".

I was reminded of that when, while walking this morning , we spotted it written in once was wet cement.

"Howdy, Tony."

A message written years ago from 'Tony' . The sidewalk says "1924" so I'm thinking they said "howdy" back then.

And I'll bet "Tony" thought he was pretty bad, writing in wet cement and all!

I'm old enough to remember The Howdy Doody Show. With Buffalo Bob and Summerfall Winterspring, the princess.

And Clarabelle, the icky clown. Think that's where my dislike of clowns comes in. Either Clarabelle or Chucky.

He was really kinda creepy looking. Or at least goofy. Howdy, not Chucky. And not Clarabelle. Although, he could be in the creepy category as well....

About the only time I even think " howdy doody" is when the pups finally finish their business at the park..."well, howdy.... doody"... meaning the walk is over and we can go home and have more coffee.

Me, not the dogs. They get treats. For going doody. In the park.

Anyway, I guess the only ones who say "Howdy!" anymore are used-car salesmen from Texas. (forgive me all the used-car salesmen -blog-readers from Texas...bless their hearts.....)

Hey.... let's a start a movement. (bad wording, considering I was just speaking of doody...) and all start greeting people with "Howdy!" I wonder what would happen. The looks we'd get.

What a hoot.

So, howdy, bloggerland people! Have a rootin' tootin' day! (yet another bodily function reference??..geesh!)
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