Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The anatomy of a "jump"...

Seems we've been doing a lot of jumping lately. This is Ella, my youngest grand daughter.

She's just 3.

And her Mom just told me she'll be starting "pre-school" on Monday.

Big jump.

And then there's the wedding of Jeff and Rachael.

Really big jump.

So happy for them. It was a beautiful setting, beautiful people and the start of a beautiful life.

But a big 'ol jump none the less.

How we wish we could catch them all. Or at least be there for them. I think it's our jobs as parents to let them know we'll be that soft place to fall.

But, sometimes you have to just let them go and jump. And hope and pray they land, on their own, and don't need that "soft place".... this time.....

But we're here for you, Jeff & Rachael, Andy & Barb, Brandi & Johnny, April & Chris. Whenever you need us. We're here for you.

Love to all,

PS, Ella, you're going to LOVE school! XXOO Grammie
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Brandi said...

Awwwww, thanks mom!