Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Recipe fo an Irish-Puerto Rican Cheese Ball....

Ella Ireland Lopez (can't doubt her heritage!), 3 years old and full of "cheese"!

My youngest grand daughter. Lives in New Jersey...a true Jersey Girl..with ATTITUDE..

Brandi sent me a video of her "lip-synching" to Little Boy Blue that was hilarious.

She knew every word and the lip-synching was better that Brittany Spears in the awards show.

It still amazes me, even after 4 children of my own, how quickly they develop.

I can plainly see the wee baby I held when she was 4 weeks old and she smiled up at me, and melted my heart.

Yes..I'm certain it was NOT gas.

She thought I was funny, what with all that whispering and giggling in her ear while her Mom was in the Doctor's office.

Now she's started pre-school.

Then I'll blink and she'll be a soccer star like her cousin Emily.

Then, poof, a teenage full of beauty and grace like her cousin Alyssa.

Then a confident young college student like Brian, my first grandchild.

(And, yes, as the first, he will always hold a special place in my heart.)

But he is a great, handsome, strong, decent young man.

I may be a bit biased on a lot of things, but how I feel about my grandchildren is not one of them.

It's all fact.

Beautiful, smart, confident, kind.

The kind of people I don't mind leaving our world to.

I know they will each make a difference to the world...

They will make it a better place to live.

They will influence.

They will become our leaders.

So, for all you grandparents out there, don't blink.

Savor each and every moment.

Take tonzzzz of pictures.

Record voices. (I have Brian's very first cries in the delivery room and his parent's very first reaction to their first-born child!)

Those are the REAL treasures in life.

All the rest is "fluff".

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DC said...

You are SO right! When my granddaughter came in from kindergarten this afternoon, my mouth just fell open. I told her mommy - "She looks more like a third-grader!" It sometimes scares me that time goes so fast.
I try to savor every moment I spend with my grandchildren.

Your little 'cheese-ball' is just adorably precious!