Thursday, September 13, 2007

Now I know.....

...what my sister Kathy should do for a profession.

No, it's not milking cows.....

I think she should become a "Personal Shopper"...

I mean, look how good she looks walking the dogs...I was wearing yesterday's frayed leg-bottom blue jeans and a nightshirt...

And here she is sitting in a pretty pumpkin sort of thingy...looking good.

I was wearing yesterday's frayed-leg jeans and a T-shirt. (thought I'd dress up ..)

So, I figure I'll take advantage of her skills and talents.

When she called to say she was shopping at a nice store that was closing, and had some ideas for purchases for other people, that things were on W-A-A-A-Y sale, I asked if they'd have anything in my size.

Kathy: Yes - they do. Uh, that would be L-A-R-G-E, right? What would you like?

Me: Actually, I wear a size 2! (2X, but who's counting) Anything you choose - I trust your taste.

Kathy: How about these red pants....

Me: Uh....I don't think red is my color - for pants.

Kathy: OK, how about this peach-colored jogging suit?

Me: Jogging suit???(hahahahahahaha.) Oh........ you're serious.......Well... peach??.. Naw....

Kathy: Well, what would you like??

Me: Oh, anything. I trust your taste..

And so it goes. The shopper and the shop-ee.

I do think Kathy gets as much joy shopping for others as she does for herself.

It's the thrill of the hunt. The excitement of the sale. The victory knowing she's gotten the best bargain......

Oh, the rush of it all!

So, our lesson for today is, when out & about shopping, if you see something you think another person would like, go ahead and buy it.

It feels good to do a good deed. And it feels really good to get the best bargain.

But no peach jogging suits, OK?


BonnieRose said...

GREAT POST Colleen... lol that was fun to read... and yes, I understand what u are saying.. I love shopping, and always love it when I found some great deals.. and ur right.. blessing others just because is just the best thing.. hugs

Anonymous said...

I was just telling Kathy yesterday how well "put-together" she always looks (if it isn't a word, it ought to be). Love your blog and your sense of humor!