Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fixin' my little (teeny) comfort zone...

I love my little house. I love all my "stuff". That's a hard combination, if you think about it.

Too much stuff. Too little house.

Too much love? I think not...

We are in a constant state of re-do. Remodel. Refurbish. Re-everything.
But That's OK - we have moved around so much in the past, and it seemed every time I placed that last nic-nak, every time I hung the last picture and looked around and said, "Yes"! .....

........we were off on another adventure. Different state. Different house, townhouse or apartment. So this time, I will never say "I'm done"...or "I'm satisfied with how it looks"...or "I'm finished shopping.." (...sorry Honey)

So on this Sunday morning, with lots of family coming in for the wedding later this week, lots of giggly nights ahead with my two sister and my 2 daughters and 1 of my grand daughters, I am scurrying around, fixing, primping, making "nice" for all of us.

thought I'd throw in a photo of an old wooden milk crate Jeff and I found yesterday in the little town on Levan, Utah, at an old man's yard sale. Total impulse buy - but aren't most of them? I did find a great use for it, as my side table in my cozy room next to my comfy chair.

And, after all, I found 2 old milk bottles last week at a local yard sale....

(that does justify it, doesn't it??)

Have a fun, restful, happy Sunday..I know I will.
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