Friday, September 14, 2007

Have you ever seen .... of those old Victorian houses?

The historic ones that the Ladies Clubs to try to “save”?

Not the ones who are lovingly restored already, but the ones that need a little work?

OK..... A LOT of work??

One that has lost some of its more charming parts?

Maybe the porch is falling apart. Or it has been emptied of its interiors. The dental work along the eves is chipped and some missing?

Sometimes I feel like that old house….

I used to have knobs and knockers – that was before my double mastectomy.

And a “womb with a view” – gone now after the hysterectomy.

Dental work along the eves? I’m missing a lot of my pearly whites, that’s for sure.

And my “windows to the soul”, well they’re a little foggy and need the protection of glass now.

The plumbing is a little erratic. Sometimes is works like it should....sometimes it springs a leak…

However, the furnace still works.

Boy howdy does it work.

Summer or winter.

I think that may be the cause of all this global warming – baby-boomers going through menopause at the same time.

I’m not complaining. They haven’t decided to tear down the 'ol structure just yet. And who knows, maybe with a fresh coat of paint, and some flowers……

The Grand old Victorians. Ones that need a little work

Some of us are cozy cottages. Some ranch spreads. Some double-wides if you know what I mean...

But at least were not cookie-cutter pre-fab houses..

I like to think of all of us over a certain age as being, well, like a historical home.

Lots of history, lots of stories..

...... shelter and comfort for many generations.

So here's to all of us "painted ladies".

Signing off from Historic Sandy, Utah
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Lisa said...

I love the comparisons! I never thought about actually drinking out of those pretty pink cups! LOL ... :) Have a great weekend! Lisa

madrekarin said...

Amen!! Perfectly worded.

Pearl said...

I enjoyed this post a lot, well said.