Sunday, September 23, 2007

We're gunna take a road trip.......

Yeppers. Randy & me. (Or Randy & I .)

Can't wait! 25th anniversary.

And they said it wouldn't last.

HA! We'll show them...let's stay married FOR-EVEAH !!

Good plan. So far it's working.

Anyway, we're going on a short but sweet little mini-vacation.

To Yellowstone.

Staying in a cabin.

With a fireplace.

Can't wait!

We were going to Disneyland. Just because we could. Without kids and all, you know?

But then we both thought about it. We hate crowds. Don't "do" rides. Don't necessarily like to fly, what will all the waiting at the airports and all. And, it's expensive. Just to walk around and see man-made wonders.

Why don't we go somewhere we can drive to?

And see God's wonders?

And have the need for a fireplace? (not so easy in LA in 85 degree heat)

So, it's off to Yellowstone, in three weeks for 4 days.

...wish it was in 4 days for three weeks!
And maybe, just maybe, the crowds we see will be deer and bears and mooses. (not MOSES, silly! although that would make for some GREAT blogging material !)

And maybe we'll even complain about being chilly. And about no TV. And about it being too dark. And too many stars in the sky....

...hmmm, no... probably not...

So when you plan your mini-vacations, be sure to think about all the good vs. not-so-goods.

Then communicate. ( we almost didn't say anything to each other because we thought the other one wanted Disneyland!! )

I'll knit some pretty scarves, he'll drive and maybe we'll even find some great unknown eateries.

I'll let ya know.......
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BonnieRose said...

ur trip sounds amazing.. i wish i was you! enjoy yourselves.... so happy for u!