Monday, September 24, 2007

....Dis idn't me...

...but id looks like I feel.

I think I hab a code in my dose.

I sound funny and I haben't even said anyting to myself.

I snibbe and my head hurts.

I sneeze and I'm tired.

Coughing and stuffy..

And, it's MONDAY...

poor poor piddelful me...

Nutting ibportant to say dis morning...

Nutin' eben funny.

I think I'mb going to take a sinus pill and hope I feel better before I have to be all chibber on the pone.


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madrekarin said...

Sorry you're sick!! Stay home, get some rest, eat some chicken soup, stretch out on the couch, cuddle under a blanket, watch an old movie, eat some chocolate! :)
Get better before your big trip!! The moose might mistake your honking and sneezing as a mating call.