Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's in a name??..and etc..

..33 years age @ fourth child was born..and her name was the easiest...
..but there is a story behind that..

She was due the last week of November - first week of December...ish.  It was the first week of October.  And she wanted ..out.

 {Brandi & Ella 2007}

I went into labor and they were concerned that her lungs would not be fully formed to carry her safely through life, so they wanted to stop the labor..and remember, this was 33 years ago.

{Brandi & Ella, Central park, 2009}
They tried to stop the contractions by relaxing the uterus...with an alcohol  IV..{??}  Because of complications {pulmonary embolism in me}, they needed to stop that and the contractions started they gave me whiskey and soda crackers...I'm guessing so I wouldn't be drinking on an empty stomach?..Yeeeeah...and I don't drink..

They sent me home with instructions that if I felt the contractions start again to drink..I complained about the awful flavor so they asked if I liked cherry Coke..why yes , I do.

 Coke and guessed it...Cherry Brandy!. {and yes, it was in the era of cutsey-spelled names..) so Brandy became ...Brandi..Brandi Danielle..and she ended up being 3 weeks late..guess she liked sloshing around in all that booze....

Happy Birthday Sweet Brandi...your Mamma loves ya!!

{Brandi, hubby, Johnny and Ella}

Any good stories behind your children's names??



diane said...

Happy Birthday to Brandi. Lovely shots of her and Ella and the family shot is cute too. My eldest daughter arrived 2 weeks early and we hadn't decided on a name, remember we didn't know the sex before birth in those days. We had the short list to decide from but I left that at home when I went to hospital. The nurses asked me what name I was giving my little girl. I said we hadn't decided yet. So they called her "Little no name" I tried to remember all the girls names on the list and couldn't. The nurses kept nagging me to give her a name suddenly I remembered the name on top of the list. So I said Ok OK OK its "Carol-Ann". When I arrived home my neighbour said thats too much of a mouthful we'll call her Carol. She was a lovely neighbour with 3 children and there were no other neighbours for miles. So Carol-Ann was always called Carol from then on.

Lucy said...

Happy Birthday, Brandi! What a funny story. I've wished for years I'd have named my kids differently. Especially Angie. That name has just never fit her. Now with Dan I knew he was going to be a girl. So the names I'd picked went out the window fast. In the state of Idaho you had to have a name within 24 hours or some stupid thing like that. At the end of 3 days and I still hadn't thought of anything I liked, the 'powers that be' in the hospital came into my room and said 'give that baby a name or we'll name him'. I just looked at her and said 'Dan'. They said..'Daniel. How nice.' I said NO...Dan. Just Dan. They even argued with me about that. Geez! Sometimes progress has been a good thing.

Lori R. said...

Brandi,,Happy Birthday to youuuu!!!
Wow, I'm not sure I coulda kept alcohol down at 7-8 months. That is a different twist on alcohol baby, but when a pg woman is distressed, she does what she is told!
My first was 4 weeks pre-mature and his name was to be Benjamin, but the name was longer than him so he became Aaron Benjamin.
And my second was SUPPOSED to be a boy, had the name all picked out and came out a girl (the drs. weren't very good at that guessing game back then). I couldn't think of a name at all, so my husband named her, Tracy. In our area, she was the only Tracy in our school system K-12!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to Brandi!

I don't have a good story behind my children's names, but I always loved the one behind my sister's name. All throughout my mother's pregnancy, she and my father just KNEW they were going to have a boy. They picked out the name Brian Scott and put the initials on all the cloth diapers - BSY. When the day finally came, Brian Scott turned out to be a girl, and my parents needed a name to go along with the initials in the diapers. From then on, BS stood for (Baby) Sarinda.

All My Yesterdays said...

What fun..zonkered at birth! Oh my, how times have changed. My funny name story is when I had my last son. His dad's name was Daniel and he wanted his son named after him. But this was a second marriage for me and I already had a son named Danny..not Daniel, Danny, who was kinda named after his dad, Denny, which was really Dennis... So I agreed on Daniel, after an approval from his big brother Danny. So in my house there was a Daniel, Danny and Daniel. People were confused but not me. It was simple, Dan the hubby, Danny the older son and Daniel the *baby*. Until the boys got older and friends called Danny Dan or Daniel Danny or Dan or, or....But the Mom always knows who is who (O:
Oh, the Dan is gone now but when I say Danny (who everyone calls Dan now) or Daniel (who is called all three)they all know who I mean..
Confused yet?? Ha ha, such is life! Oh, and Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter also.

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. I wanted different names for my kids with different spelling. So when my first came and she was a girl I named her Kimberleigh Yvonne Strunk. The day I took her home she weighed less than the original 6lbs, 21/2oz. The name was bigger than her so we always called her Kim. Now that she is grown she is very proud of her name. She has never ran into another Kimberleigh. My son I wanted to name after my cousins husband. He was killed in the Vietnam War. His name was Ward Kent, my husband said you can name him Kent, but Sterling Kent, so I came up with Sterlynn Kent and that was okay. Now he has a Sterlynn Bryce and a Camron Kent. I just like different spellings.
Hope you have a great day. And your grand daughter is beautiful.
Hugs, Pat

white o'morn cotage said...

A great story. At that time the hospitals here gave new mothers Guinness as a tonic! Those days are gone now. Thank goodness!

Vee said...

Not that good! I am sharing your story with my maternity-nurse sister. She'll love it. She remembers with great fondness the champagne that was served for new parents the evening after the blessed event, but I've not heard her mention such things prior. Hope that Brandi has a wonderful birthday!

Heather said...

LOL, that is too funny! too cute! and too perfect! I love her name story.

Karen said...

I named my daughter Jamie...which I thought would be an unusual name. It turned out that it wasn't, and also that I'd spelled it the "boy's" way. My mother-in-law (now ex) couldn't get that her name was Jamie. She called her Amy. Until there was a family party and one of her sister's asked if she was named after my father-in-law (James) and she said yes. After that she called her Jamie.

Pearl said...

Great story Grammie! Funeee
Thanks for the comments kid

Sherry Goodloe said...

Happy Birthday Brandi!!

18 years ago my now ex-husband and I adopted a baby boy. HE was supposed to be a SHE. I was going to name her Christina Noel. My adopted mother's name was Mary Christina, so I was naming my baby after her. Well, SHE became a HE after 18 month of waiting for the agency to find us a baby girl. I named my 6-month old baby boy Taylor - because he was "tailor made" just for me! We look alike! God gives the best gifts doesn't He? *smiles*

And if you'd like to read more of this story, check out the following blog post I wrote for my son's birthday last year:

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you sweet lady!

Sherry Goodloe said...

PS, I had to block anonymous users (starting yesterday). I see you have a couple of comments from them on your post here as well. A friend e-mailed me last night and said that those are actually viruses - yikes! Something for you to think about ok?

Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday to Brandi. That is such a sweet story.