Monday, December 21, 2009

The day after...

which is today..but probably by the time you read this tomorrow, it will be yesterday..but right now, it's today so what I am blogging about is ...the day after.

Well, actually, no.  What I am blogging about was 'the day', which was yesterday..but I am doing it on the day after..but I am writing a little about what we did today, so ..I guess it could be called .."current events"

Hey..does anyone remember Current Events in school ?  I remember mine being on Mondays so I had to look in the Sunday paper to find something I could cut out then write about..and I'd do it at the last minute on Sunday night..

OK yes, Current Events would be a better post title..or would that be blog title?  So, blog would be the noun..and post would be the in I am posting the blog..or can post be the noun as well?? As in today's post??

Nevermind....huh..spell check just gave me the 'red underline' of  a misspelled word..seems 'nevermind' is actually 2 words.  Says you can hyphenate it..never-mind...sort of like when a woman hyphenates her last name.."Jane Smith-Doe"..well that makes more sense because apparently she was a Smith before she was a Doe, but never and mind don't seem to fit that scenario. Plus, I don't say "Never {pause} mind" like I would say 'Smith [totally pause} Doe"

OK, so I may be a bit scattered tonight  - which for most of you reading will be last night, but let's not go there..

We had our annual little neighbor Christmas-time {note the hyphen?} gathering and we always say, "small, no work, minimal expenditure...easy clean-up." and it tends to be a good deal of work, a good deal of expenditure, and a good deal of clean-up.  But it's always fun. And tiring.

Here is the Christmas-time {see? you totally paused..) house and a few shots of the gathering..

Lulu, the Warrior Princess, was on her very best party behavior..but was completely worn out by it all..

Then, after all the guests had left, we watched a little local news when a story about several of the "Angel Tree" kids had not been chosen and how the TV station was asking the public for more donations of coats, clothes in general , socks , etc. when my mother-in-Law, Evelyn, asked if she gave us the credit card, would we go and pick up some items to take down to the distribution center - so off we went today (Sunday..just in case you're confused) and bought 15 jackets and 100 pairs of socks, so at least they will have the warmth of a stranger's love this Christmas ..thanks Evelyn..

{wow, was that the longest run-on sentence, or what?? AND, it had another awesome hyphen!}

So, now it's good-night, or good-morning {hmmm..didn't really pause on these..maybe I should re-think the whole hyphen-thing?  Oh, I-just-can't-stop!}

But it worked well in re-think, doncha think?



diane said...

You have changed your signatre from Utah Grammie to c. That confusd for a minute but then when I read your post I was totally confused. Yesterday-today-tonight-the day after. Hyphen-pause -laughing-out-loud you are a funny one. Wow that ws nice of Evelyn. Your get-to-gether looked fun and the food delicious. Your decorations are nice too and mine are almost non-existant.
When I was teaching i asked the class if anyone knew what the dash was called that joined words together. There was only one hesitant hand raised. He said, is it a python?.

Karen said...

Speaking of dashes (what's the difference between a dash an a hyphen?) a friend who's a teacher had a child in her class named L-a.
It was pronounced "Ladasha". I-am-not-kidding.

All My Yesterdays said...

Saw that L-a on an email not long ago...funny hyphen stuff.
And as far as C's dashes, they make sense to me (o; Kinda like..
Love your Christmas get-to-gether too. OOPS, I got a red liner too. Guess gether ain't a word either, or OOPS. But what-the-heck C, we know what it's all about, huh...
Have a great week-before-Christmas! Thanks for the FUN post (O:

The Texas Woman said...

Love the coats and socks donation! Wonderful!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Hooray for Christmas Parties -- Being over! ,-)

Great mosaics of the party.

Your mother-in-Law Evelyn, is a wonderful woman! Please tell her that Aunt Amelia says so, and give her a big hug, from me.


Pen Pen said...

Kuddos to your MIL, Evelyn! What a sweet thing to do! And I wish I was your neighbor... the party looks like fun.. and I know it had to be, if you were involved.

Heather said...

the Christmas party sounds like a lot of fun! very cute photos! Those kids will definitely enjoy the coats and socks you donated :)

Charmingdesigns said...

C- now thats not the grade I'm giving you. You get an A+. Nice post to start my day. You have a good one too!!

Pearl said...

You guys so rock! And yeah I wish I was your neighbor too? How the heck do you stay on your diet?? You is a strong women!

Vee said...

I love that people still do these neighbor-things. (Is that correct?) And God bless Evelyn real big!

Lori R. said...

I was thinking are dashes like when you are getting after your kids and you are gritting your teeth and talking through them (ahhh,,,, maybe I used to do that)
enunciating-each-word-as-you-are-trying-to-get-their-attention???? just curious....
Your hearts have such goodness. What a wonderful thing to do for the needy...