Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I have a theory..

...that word - theory -  makes me looks nothing like it sounds... 'theory'.  It should be theer-ee or there rie..anyway, I have one.
a theory..
Probably more, actually, but only one I am writing about tonight.

I was driving home tonight in a snowstorm and  saw a young kinda "tough-looking" guy walking in the his long sleeved shirt and baggy pants,no hat or gloves.. and I felt immediately sorry for him..for a minute..

Did he not have a jacket? No gloves or mittens?Could his grandma not knit him a scarf??

Maybe.  But he had this look of toughness, even meanness that being bundled up in a puffy down jacket and a hat with knitted  braids would probably not work with.

And what's the cool way to wear a scarf if you're a tough-guy...knotted or draped?

So here comes the theory. .

I think crime is down in cold weather because NOBODY looks cool all bundled like the cast of South Park.

I don't remember ever seeing a gang run by mafia Eskimos..

Graffiti on igloos? 

'CSI - the Frozen Tundra'  ?? it would be hard to 'make chase' with a parka and snowboots on..

Never remember seeing a dog sled all jacked up..."Pimp my sled"..and what would the dogs think of loud rap music being belted out?

Yesseriee, if you want to be safe, move North..

No one looks tough in a parka.... It's hard to be cool when you're cold.... I'm just saying..

Do you have any theories?



Vee said...

Yes, I agree with your theory. Read an article some years ago about the dangers of "looking cool" in cold weather conditions...hypothermia, death. Not good. Not at all good.

Off to see what else you've written since I last checked in.

So, you didn't give the guy a ride, did you?

June said...

Oh, my. You've got a great theory there.

I love being bundled up. Of course I also love bursting forth from the bundling in the spring.

Enjoy your snow. We are gearing up for ice on Christmas Day. Ice I do not like!

Merry-merry, dear one...with love from us chickens in Maine!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Yeah, it's hard to imagine a tough punk wearing grandma's knitited scarf isn't it? haha
Great post Colleen!
Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!

Heather said...

what a great theory! i love that idea!
and speaking of theories... do you have any idea how funny it is to hear a 5 year say "Mommy, I have a hypothesis." I about fell over when she said that yesterday. First time I've ever heard her say it and she was dead serious. LOL.

Zuzu said...

Nobody moves fast or looks cool in snow gear. Great post - always a joy to pop over here!
Merry Merry Christmas, Colleen - I'll make a note to show you all how to make those paper flowers (next year). :)

diane said...

Love the pictures and I bet crime rates fall when its cold and snowing either because they don't look cool in parkas or because its too darn cold to take your hands out of your pockets. Merry Christmas. Already Christmas Eve here. The kids are excited. Here is a link to tell you about Moreton Bay Bugs:,1.htm

Artsy-Craftsy Merchant said...

OK, just read your post and I think you are "the bomb"! Outstanding THEORY! Keep could have the theory to world peace.....

Charmingdesigns said...

No theories up my sleeve, but I bet you can come up with some more. Love the

All My Yesterdays said...

Oh Colleen you are just sooo cool! (yes on the *pun*) You must wake up with theories every morning (O:
And I loved the cartoon joke about the dude being sent back to earth to pull his britches up..haha.
Ok, have a good *eve of the eve* and I'll look for you again tomorrow.
stay warm!

Gaby Bee said...

Wanted to send along some wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hugs, Gaby

Pearl said...

Oh yeah I agree on that theory...and you tell it so well..funeeee! Kick back and relax Grammie and enjoy those Grandkids for Christmas, I hope its great for you. Merry Merry, Pearl

Sweet Repose said...

Pimp my sled!!! HA...HA...girl you did it again...I'm can't make it stop...the chuckling that is...your pics are priceless as is your're a sick woman Colleen...that's what I love about ya!!!

Have a wonderful holiday with friends and family, my best to your brother and his family and to you, a special shout out...YOU DA BOMB!!!

Again, Happy Holidays friend and a big ol' frosty hug from Iowa!!!