Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Santa,'s me, Colleen.  I know, it's been  a while since I've written to you. ... I wanted to apologize for not stopping by to see you this year like I usually do. 

But I wanted to drop a line to say if you can, stop by tonight.  We have some goodies for you and Lulu will be OK after you give her a cookie or two..

...just remember, she's 11 lbs.....and you're, 6 feet and 275 lbs? Do not let her get the upper hand.. Oh, and don't let her out..

Braxton will be OK..he may roll over for a belly rub and if you do have a minute..he'd love that ;-)

So..the list.  Not so much this year..I'm pretty lucky to have what I have and am pretty OK with all the "stuff"..and thank you again for last year..I really appreciate it.

You've done a great job with the kids through the year and now the grands..and they sure do love, yeah, about my list...

OK, that treadmill? Yeah, I know, I've been meaning to use it more...or start using it..whatever..but I'd really like a fun way to you know of any? Walking is good, but you know how I feel about the 'walking-and-getting-nowhere' thing..walking with a purpose is good, right?  So maybe you could put a Barnes and Nobel in walking distance?  Yeah..that'd be nice..
Time.  I know, really, who couldn't use more time, right?  The thing is, I have time..I just don't use it well..can you help with that?

A fish would be of those pretty betta-kinds...,but not in a jar of those little "Habitat for non-Humanity" vases.  Nope, we'd {the fish and I} we'd like one of those cute little fancy bowls in retro shapes and great little colored stones..

Can you do anything about organization? No, not another book..a real solution..that would help..

Guess that's it for this year.  Sorry about the short know how I can't make up my thanks again.  And stay out of the know you're cholesterol is completely over the top..

Safe travels..and can you spend some extra time with my brother tonight? Whisper in his ear and remind him of all the great Christmas's we had when we were growing up.and all the wonderful Christmas's that he helped you with his own children.. .that's sure to make him smile..



All My Yesterdays said...

Merry CHRISTMAS DAY Colleen.
I hope Santa was good to you last night and Braxton got his belly rub. Thanks for being my bloggy friend and we'll have to make a point to meet someday soon (O:
Keep posting!

Vee said...

You make me grin and you're asking Santa for help with the treadmill? Ha! Hope that your day was very pleasant and I hope that you find the answers to some of these pressing issues. (I found a lot of help from FlyLady...her program is a lot of fun...hey, anything called a 27-Fling Boogie has got to be fun!)

Karen said...

Hope your Christmas was lovely and all that you expected.

Jean said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I'm just catching up now that I have some time. Seems I just couldn't get with it this year. The old photos are lovely and as always you put a smile on my face! Thanks! Happy New Year. Jean

whitemorn said...

Lovely list for Santa. I hope you had a fab one. Love Pam

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Edward and I are wishing you a lovely Christmas week!!

diane said...

I wonder what Santa had in his sack for you.

Julie said...

Colleen - I'm sorry that I have been away so long, but Christmas happened and then Kristen left and my SAD descended upon me again. I will try now to get caught up with you.