Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's the cost of a great memory??

Cost of an airplane ticket to New Jersey for Ella's 5th birthday.......$359.00

Cost of the American doll that Ella got from Santa......$98.00

Cost of the birthday outfit for the American Girl doll...$27.00

Cost of a Luncheon at the American Girl Store for Ella's 5th birthday, including cake, ice cream, candles and singers....$120.00

Cost of having picture with street corner Elmo.......$1.00

Seeing Elmo get hassled by 3 brave New York City Policemen...


...and guess which part she'll probably remember most?? Yep, all One Dollar of seeing Elmo!

(the policemen told us we was...."Drunk Elmo"..)

Only on New York!



diane said...

That's kids for ya!
Really a drunk Elmo? That's hilarious.

Lucy said...

American Girl restraunt?? Wow. Don't tell my grand-daughter who lives in Washington DC. She's an American Girl Doll whatever freak. Looks like it was a really fun time though. Glad you got to do it. Some things are worth the money.

The White Bench said...

It was lovely to see you again, Colleen!!! You're GREAT! You always make me smile...:)))))) And a BIG thank you for such friendly and nice words!
Your banner is just fab! Love your puppies!

Betty said...

Seems to me an adult would HAVE to be drunk to wander the streets of New York dressed as Elmo..haha.

Really sweet pictures of Ella. One other thing she will remember is that you were there to share it all with her! She loves her Grammie!