Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hi...I'm Colleen and I'm ..dull

Dull, dull dull, dull dull dull dull, dull.

Yep- a severe and chronic case of the "winter DULLS"

I have all the symptoms...

* dull skin
* dull hair
* dull clothes (an assortment of hoodies - ah- mostly gray in color - matches my hair..and my skin...and my car..and the skies)
* dull "social calendar"
* dull old snow left over on the ground
* dull air - that old mountain/valley "inversion" (s.m.o.g)
* dull finish on my car - a mixture of salt, snow, mud and sand
* dull cars on I-15 all look gray - even the red ones...and the blue ones and the green ones...
* trees, in their "neeked-ness", are gray

Wah Wah Wah. I'm even writing dull-ly..

In the winter, we can't just jump into the car and take a trip up to the mountains for a romp by the creek - the creek's frozen, the roads are treacherous, the price of gas is climbing (again) and it's just too darned cold. And it's been YEARS since we "romped"...

Neighbors hide out. We don't see anyone walking - except us with the pups in the morning & evening. Freezing. Gray air coming out our noses and mouths. Blue-gray lips...eyes frozen over in glassy-grayness...

The chicken stay in their coop. Hey, is that where they got "Cooped up"?? Huh..

We don't ski, or snowboard, or tube (but.. if I did, I could totally beat you down the hill - 'tis a good thing to carry weight in the winter!!)

We thought about learning to ski once - ONCE -then looked at the price of a ski lift ticket, cute puffy-outfits, skis, boots, and those ginormous sunglasses they all wear.. and the potential for breakage of appendages we need to have a steady income- and decided , eh, not so much..

We could go to the movies, but I want chick-flicks with tears and he wants action -flicks with things blowing up. And have your noticed the price of popcorn? Pop?? Water for heaven's sake?? We'd need part of that big 'ol bail-out money to even enjoy a matinée...

Cooking? Baking?? TV? Phuleeze...

What's a dieting, 4-minute-program-watching-because-he-has-the-remote-control girl to do?

Blog. OK... about?? Nuthin' honey.

Spend time reading delightful blogs that have photos of lovely far-away places, vintage items to totally covet....crafts done so beautifully that my eyes well up with ...jealousy??

And, yes,and feel like a balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade because all of the fiber I have been eating (can I get stock in Beano??)

Welcome to my "Winter Wonderland"

Bah Humbu-----oh forget it.

-me (not the usual me - the winter-whiner me - the me that will go-away-as-soon-as-the-sun- shines-me)

-just me


Charmingdesigns said...

Oh Colleen...You are anything but dull!! You are a delight...the sunshine at the end of my day...I am delighted with your stories. You always put a smile on my face...cheer up...sunshine will be right around the corner!! Your friend, Laurie

me said...

Not dull at all :o).

Can I suggest snowshoeing! You don't need a lift ticket and the felling is pretty minimal (ie..if I can do any one can). It is a great way to get outside in the winter! Snow shoes can be a bit pricey but w/ the season coming to a close the prices should be coming way down.
Take Care and Be Safe!

me said...

opps....i meant falling. lol

diane said...

We get a laugh at your expense. When you feel dull and grey try to think of a worse situation like being in a bushfire.

Lucy said...

Okay....get packed and come down to Arizona. It's sunny today but we are expecting a storm this weekend. But a couple of days in the rain isn't a bad thing to do. I'll give you the two dollar tour.

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Oh my gosh, Colleen, you are anything but DULL! You have such a wonderful sense of humor that adds sunshine to your blogging friends lives! Please continue to let your light shine, dear friend!

Love, Kim

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Awe, your never dull!!
But I do know what you mean about
the weather. It is icky here!!


Betty said...

Having spent many winters in Idaho, I know exactly how you feel; that's why we are in Arizona now.

Sorry you have the 'down-in-the-dumps' blues.

Loved the pictures of Braxie and Lulu, of course!

Mary said...

I'm right there with you. Winter is dull and dingy and blah. There has to be something that adds color and excitement and sparks! I just can't figure out what it is. Whine...whine...whine and I can't even have any cheese with it...WW diet plan.

ancient one said...

Even your dull posts are easy reading and we all can feel it with you... pretty soon... your sun will shine and you'll have a week of spring like we have enjoyed this week..

Neabear said...

Your dullness (think of it as your highness): This post was entertaining too. Nothing dull about it at all. One good thing to notice, the daylight hours are slowly getting longer. Yay! Here where I am, sunset was at 5:47 pm. Won't be long before sunset time is 6 pm. So much nicer to come home from work in the daylight rather than the dark.