Friday, February 27, 2009

So, how many calories do you think a "M" has...??

..when Mr. B poured his M&Ms in the jar..the plain M&Ms...the ones that I "escaped"..

I think it was a red one, too. The best. The reds know that, right? About the red ones?

Anyhoo you know me, can't let anything go to ....waist...I mean, actually, I do mean waist..

I popped that little M in my mouth so fast, I'm quite certain it lost a few calories on the trip. I felt bad, really I did..until I realized I had only had M..can't be that bad, right??

Kathy, my sister found a fun site and I blogged about it a while back, but I've started thinking what would I look like in maybe another 10 pounds..then the next 10 (I think 10 is more do-able than the 45 I have to loose)

So, I did a couple of the "models"'s the site in case you want to play:

Oh yeah, and this is what I'd look like if I had ...ah...boosoms..boobs..hooters...and if they looked FAbulOuS..

So, go and have some's free and you can "right-click" on the pictures and save them of yourself..

Now.... where's that other can't have that many calories...



diane said...

M has half the calories of a M&M.
You look pretty good to me in all of them. Go Grammie

Lucy said...

I think you could go somewhere with the hooter pic. Worked for Pamela Anderson. I'd try that site out but I don't think I could see myself this early in the morning.

madrekarin said...

Oh my gosh! I can totally see you exactly like the last picture next winter!! And one M can't hurt. It's when you pile them together that they work their evil upon hips and tummies. So don't eat a pile of them and you'll be okay!
Now, if I could only remember that for myself. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow I like that sexy look on you girl. I bet the hubby did too =)

Laurie and Chris said...

You look great!!!

Mary said...

One M goes to your toes! So what if we have fat toes!!!

La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

Dang look beautiful! Soon you'll be sportin' that summer bathing suit!

Runner Gurl said...

I've been sitting here this evening wandering from blog to blog to blog....

I'm not sure how I wandered onto your blog, but I'm glad I did....

It makes me feel happy to be visiting here!

: )

Being able to stop at one "m" must be a record of some sort.