Monday, February 9, 2009

April's birthday...

No, not "April birthdays" daughter April, who was due in April but decided to be born in February, and I thought February was a silly name for a I named her April.

She's my first. My first child, my first daughter and the one that made me a Grammie..first.

She's tenacious. Smart. Head-strong and stubborn. And, she's beautiful. Always has been- always. really...

Even as a newborn - and I've seen {and had some} newborns that were...ah..."Oh ....just look at that baby... Hmm, ah.. great blanket in the crib - did you make it??".. sort of side stepping the whole "Oh, isn't he cute!" thing...

But she was pretty. And tiny. So small, "premie" clothes hadn't been thought of yet, and wanting to dress my little baby up, bought doll clothes for. Yep.

Frilly dresses, cute cuddly rompers. Just couldn't get those little plastic high-heels to stay on..I think Barbie still has that issue..along with a few other issues...

Oh..did you know they now have dolls that instead of trying to get the high heels to stay on each time you change them - now have FEET you change !

I'm not makin this stuff up. Seriously.

Well, I guess if they have a Barbie with a pooping dog (yes, bought one for Emily - you put the enclosed dog-food into it's mouth, then lift it's tail and...POOP. It even came with little poop-bags... Good thing she already has a couple of real dogs or she would have thought you had to lift their tails every time you wanted them to poop)

Anyway, this smart child, who raised me, and has always been a red to my yellow - the voice of reason to my silliness. The A-personality to my ..uh..C-.. is having a birthday today. And exactly 41 years ago today, my life was forever changed - enriched - chaotic - lovely - and blessed.

She's the light of my life. The first light in a series of bright lights, stars if you will, that have led me to be where I am today.

And for that, I thank her.

Happy Birthday Sweetie.




Neabear said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Where do the years go I sometimes wonder. My daughter's birthday is in April.

Shari said...

She is just beautiful and sounds like such a dear heart. Give her a happy birthday wish from us!!

Betty said...

Happy belated to April from Jack and Betty. Hey, I actually KNOW April; and she is every bit as delightful as her mother! Good job, Colleen!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Colleen,

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter April. I feel the same way about my daughters as you do yours, I think we all do as Moms, we love them so and only want the best for them.

Have a great day,

April said...

Thanks Mom. That is so sweet!We may be different but I think that is what makes us such a good team. Kinda like ying and yang. I love you and miss you so much!

madrekarin said...

Happy birthday, April! I hope that your day has been full of fun and love.
Colleen- You have such beautiful children!

Laurie and Chris said...

Happy Birthday April!!

diane said...

What a lovely tribute to your beautiful daughter. Happy birthday April!