Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a good thing I don't ALWAYS act on my impulses...

..I can't believe I'm almost ....si..six....sixty years old. I can barely say it. Or type it.

But everyday I'm reminded of it.......... yes I am.

You betcha.

Take today..actually the last few days..

I got new glasses a couple of weeks ago. 3 new pairs: one for computer work & reading (super magnified), one for living (walking, driving, ordering off menus, seeing etc.) and a spare pair with magnetic sunglasses (so they count as sunglasses)

I've always wanted to have my eyes shaded but I wanted to see as well..

..couldn't ever justify a separate set of prescriptions sunglasses, so I thought these would fit the bill - glasses to see and covers to make them sunglasses..Oh, La La..

About 3 days ago, my new everyday glasses became blurry. I was really having an issue with them. Thought my eyes couldn't focus...thought the lenses were dirty...had a real issue.

I went back to my old glasses and viola- I could see clear as a.. .uh....well, very clear.

And after spending sooo much money, I was ready to go and DeMAnD my money back, or new glasses, or stock options in the store, or my tires rotated...whatever..

So, I go in after work - even thought I'd call first to let them know exactly how unsatisfied I really was - how disappointed (that always slayed me when my father used that one on me..)
however, I got busy at work and didn't make the call.

I was wearing my old glasses...and seeing just fine, thank you very much..

When I drove up, I was happy to see I would be the only customer - better to make a scene privately and get satisfaction, right?

Go in. Look mad. Look mean. Look anxious to have this over..I don't "do" confrontations...

The manager of the store was very nice. Really. Welcoming. Concerned. And I hadn't even acted mad......yet.

She took the {crappy} glasses..looked at them carefully..asked to see the old ones...then looked up at me and said....

Manager: "These are your old glasses. The ones you have on now, the ones you can see with, are the new glasses. Yes, those, the ones you can see out of..they're the new ones."

Me: "Wha..? Nope. Can't be...I mean they do look very similar.........are you sure??"

Manager: " Ah.. yes. We don't carry this brand of frame. And they're scratched. Did you notice they were scratched?"

Me: "Well, yes..and I was really upset that my new glasses were so scratched and they were only 2 weeks old.."

Manager: "Yes, but those were your old glasses..not your new ones.."

Me: "I don't think so...are you sure..really..are you... certain??"

Manager: "Yes. I'm very certain."

Me: "OK, well then..."

{awkward silence..}

Manager: "Would you like me to clean your NEW glasses for you? You'll have to take them off first. These in my hands are your old one, remember??"

Morale: If you are going to make a scene..be sure you're wearing your NEW glasses..that way you can really see what a dork you are..


( a little Utah bull...)


April said...

WOW! That is truely scary. While you were out, did you stop by Walgreens and complain about your broken radio, too???!!!???

P.S. I can hear you yelling "Oh shut up!" but guess what? That doesn't work in blogland!!
ha ha

Lucy said...

Oh wow....no words come to mind. Just too funny!

diane said...

Welcome to the seniors generation where we have many "senior moments" luckily most people are tolerant of them.
I also got new glasses but felt I couldn't see as well as with the old ones. I went back to the shop and complained,but they reckoned it was because my brain had to get used to the change....doh!

Laurie and Chris said...

Oh Boy! Glad you were the only customer in there!! :)

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

I like your new glasses..oh I mean your old glasses. Hmm, now I am confused. LOL! I like which ever ones are the right ones....No I mean the correct ones. Forget it! I like whichever ones you like... How's that!

Betty said...

Get out! That is so 'sixtyish'...I can say that because I am beyond sixty..haha.

Two nights ago, I was preparing to shower. I put my pajamas on the counter. Then I went immediately into the closet to get my pajamas. I looked everywhere! Ended up bringing out another pair and then seeing the first ones were already there...brother...was that a 'duh' or what?

Isn't it great to know 'You are not alone!'...teehee.

Coleen said...

oh ...I love reading your blog!! You make my day, sweetie!!!! Its nice to know that I am not the only one that does things like this!!!!

Mary said...

LOL! My problem with getting older isn't so much my eyesight but my feet which might have something to do with my eyesight. My feet never seem to work right anymore. I trip up the steps, I'm not sure footed anymore which could have been a problem trying to climb that stupid ladder to break into my house. Have a great day and as far as turning 60, you are the coolest looking almost 60 year old I have ever seen!!!

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

What a cute story, Colleen...you really did put a smile on my face!
Love, Kim

Lindsay Bunker said...

Ok, I have this problem on a daily basis and I am not even getting up there in age! This has to be one of the funniest things in the whole world. . . love you lots office buddy!


as usual... you crack me up! and no way are you going to be sixty!keep doing what you are doing, you look great!

Vee said...

Hahahaha...that's the funniest story I've read in quite some time! Thanks for the laugh.

madrekarin said...

Oh, my gosh! Colleen! That is hilarious. bahahahaha.

Sweet Repose said...

See comment above...moooooo...