Thursday, February 12, 2009

OK, so, "dull" is a state of mind...'s snowing today so it's not really gray - but white and pretty.

And, as Diane reminded me (and kindly brought me back out of my self-concernedness) there are a lot more really terrible situations that people as well as animals are going through all over the work, and more directly , the fires in her beautiful Australia and the tornadoes in our Oklahoma.


So, in an attempt to show you how really dorky I am, I will tell you what happened at work yesterday.

Really. Fer true (as they used to say in Texas..)

I have noticed that I am fortunate enough to have no (well, not many) wrinkles on my least not horizontal ones. Even when I scrunch..however, I have some pretty deep one vertically between my eyes.

You know, from furrowing your brow...not so much in frowning, but in....farsightedness.
(I just types in "fatsightedness" - Freudian slip??)

Anyway, I read once somewhere (probably a magazine that gave stupid advice to unsuspecting women who believed the silly "guidance" they offered..and then laughed at the thought of all of us actually DOING'm not bitter...I'm NOT! creeps..) that if you put a piece of Scotch Tape on your forehead, between your eyes, you will "feel" if you are frowning, or furrowing, or trying to see, and you'll stop it, thus maybe not reversing, but stopping any further damage.

So, I have tape. I am pretty well "out of the traffic patterns" at work - no one can see me when I'm on the phone...

I put a piece about 3 inches long between my eyebrows..but it actually caught some of the eyebrows on each end.

Picture this in your mind...or you can look here...

No problem, right?

Continued working, humming, answering calls, being all smart about customer's DNA results and really DID feel the crinkle of the tape when I was frowning-furrowing-seeing.'s works. Good.

But, as anyone with ADD know, I quickly forgot all about the tape and the eyebrow-caught-in-the-tape and was on to answering emails, forwarding jokes and having my afternoon snack.

The CEO of our company came to speak with me about something important. And, serious.

And he brought with him my immediate supervisor, and another person from the technical side.

"Oh hellloo!.." says I all... chipper and great-employee-ish..

CEO: "Hello, uh, Colleen.."

Supervisor: " Colleen.."

Tech Support: "What the heck is that tape on your face for???"

yeeeeaaah..think quick..

Me: "ah.....I had a new acupuncture-acupressure-acusomething treatment for a splitting headache?? hahaha??"

Look in Webster's dictionary under "Dork" and you'll see:

Pronunciation: dôrk
n.1.a person who is stupid, socially inept, or ridiculous; - always used disparagingly.

Related Words jerk, misfit, schmo, schmuck, shmo, shmuck

Smiles. Maybe I won't do the whole "mayonnaise-moisturizer-on-your-hair-thing" tomorrow...


diane said...

So now the crease is probably deeper. You may need to find another solution or like me just live with it. You had me giggling again. You're not a dork just a senior. Seniors are allowed to do dorky things and get away with it.

Lucy said...

I absolutely love your posts. I'm going to have to go with the 'dork' adjective on this one. Because I would probably do the same thing. And there's been times I've proven it. Like the time(s) I wore different shoes to work; sweater inside out; no bra; ....I won't go on. They are sad stories.

Betty said...

I hope the CEO and techie were there for a good reason...they interrupted your beauty treatment! I think it's funny the techie actually asked you why it was there...maybe he (she?) is wondering if it will work on everyone? Haha..thanks for today's guffaw (I love that word)!

Pen Pen said...

They probably all went home and put tape on their foreheads last night! :o)

madrekarin said...

Oh, Colleen!!! I am so sorry, but I am still laughing. Good comeback though. That is so funny.
You know they went back to their offices and put tape between their eyes! lol

diane said...

Colleen, you asked if I see Carol and David often. About once a year if we are lucky.However we can't complain because both of us did the same to our parents. BB came to Australia and left his parents in Switzerland and he was an only child. Now I know how they suffered. We saw them once every 3 years.I left mine in Sydney and went to P/NG then here, I got to see them about once a year.

Neabear said...

This was too funny! Now I can't stop laughing. You know what else tape is good for? Paper cuts. Seriously. Next time you get a paper cut, wrap a piece of tape around your finger,assuming it is on your finger, and it will cut off the oxygen supply to the cut. That way it stops the stinging. Works for me!

I am still cracking up. If I am not careful I will fall off my chair.

Heather said...

oh my goodness! i was ok until i read what the tech support person said, lol. this is one funny story! I found you from Neabear's blog. Have a good day!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

LOL...tooooo funny! I was soooo waiting for you to say you riiiipppped it off and now half your eyebrows are gone...see it could have been worse! :-) Susan

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

LOL...tooooo funny! I was soooo waiting for you to say you riiiipppped it off and now half your eyebrows are gone...see it could have been worse! :-) Susan