Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Completely random thoughts....

...that's what I seem to be having today.

You know I have, really. Doctor told me..

I was surprised..

Nobody else was..

Anyway..I was thinking about my shoulders today. They are too small. Not too small actually, but not broad enough.

Not that I want football-guy shoulders, but I'd like to be able to hang a shoulder bag on my shoulder and NOT have it slip down uncomfortably to my hand.

If I wanted a hand bag..I wouldn't have bought a shoulder bag.

And this is a problem because..??

Because I lOVe purses. And I talk with my hands. And I love to talk and walk and have my hands NOT holding a hand-bag.

..and...I don't really want to look like those ladies who's purses fall into the crook of their arms and have to hold the arm in a weird, gravity-defying position when they walk and talk...makes me think I need white gloves on ...and a hankie....which would be fine if I wore girly-shoes, which I don't and it would look silly to have all those accessories and tennis shoes...or crocs...

And everyone else seems to be able to hang a shoulder bag actually on their shoulders..I want that as well.

And yes, I know shoulder bags are not good for you (posture, theft, shoulder pain) but I like them. I need them..I want to walk and talk and shop and eat all the time sporting a great shoulder bag..

Then there's this book I'm reading that another blogger sent me (Hi Debbi!) called Annie G. Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral..

And now that's what I want. A fabulous traveling funeral where everybody has fun, remembers me and spreads my ashes in all the places that I loved, cries and becomes best friends. With each other...I'd be dead...

And they wear red tennis shoes.

OK, so now that I've emptied my head, I can go to sleep.

Tomorrow is Thursday...see..another week's almost gone. And I am one week closer to being 60.....720 months old. That's a lot of 1sts and 31sts..and a few 28ths and 30ths..

I don't even want to think about how many weeks old I am..

I hate math.



diane said...

Well I hope you had a good sleep after unloading that lot. You make me laugh. I love your new title picture. I like shoulder bags too so that you can hold other things like a camera and car keys. The big six zero coming up. Are you doing anything special?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog! You are so funny! I'm nearing 60 also! Not to worry! It's all in God's plan! I'm having one of those can't sleep nights, so I'm out by the fire. reading blogs!!! Take care my friend!

Lucy said...

ADD!! Phooey on his diagnosis. They tell that to everybody. Especially if they are under 12. If it were up to doctors, they'd have everybody on Ritalin. Funny post, though. :)

Betty said...

I totally agree about purses...that's why I've used small backpacks for years! My hands are free to carry pups, groceries, whatever. Of course, if I 'dress up', I do carry a small handbag. My shoulders and your shoulders must be very similar! And, of course, I'll wear red tennis shoes for you...but, I doubt I'll outlive, will you wear them for me? Love ya.

Shari said...

You always make me laugh out loud!! I prefer shoulder bags, too - got to have my hands free. I really have trouble keeping the bag on the shoulder while wearing a winter coat. Maybe shoulder pads would help, and at least they would make my waste look smaller!!

Charmingdesigns said...

You make me need to meet my friend in San Jose...I wish I had taken a picture...she has the best red tennis shoes.....with sparkles!!! I mean this in the best can make my head hurt trying to keep up with the way you think.LOL...I'm waiting to hear what gem you have for us tonight!!! take care dear friend! Laurie

Mary said...

Maybe you could have a special shoulder pad made that would nestle you purse strap on your shoulder! Hey, now there is an invention! Did you ever hear of the hooks you can hang on the table so your purse doesn't have to sit on the floor in a restaurant? Great inventions!