Wednesday, February 18, 2009

OK, so I feel an explaination is in order...

..the first commenter yesterday was April, my daughter. And she really is a sweet thing...really..even though she ConSTanTly reminds me of how forgetful, old, and "Mom-like" I am. (but I know she loves me to pieces..huh April??)

Bless her heart.

So, the comment was something about "Walgreen's" and a transistor radio...

Does anyone remember transistor radios?? They came in assorted sizes..some big with big batteries, some small with smaller batteries.

"Tran-sistor Radio"..that sounds like something out of a low budget Science Fiction movie

Anyway, as Mother got older, she and Daddy moved into one of those "senior apartments" - you know, with all that blue hair and scent of Ben Gay permeating the halls..

Where you didn't fear the skateboards, but the walkers?? With their walkers?? Yeeeeah.

Even though my Mother never drove her her whole life, on the better days she would walk to he market, the pharmacy and little cafes. She was somewhat independent..

On one of these walks, she went into the drug store with her beloved transistor radio.. and seeing the "young kids" on the registers, was on the defensive right away. She walked up to one young man behind the counter and said something about "young kids making fun of us old ladies" and "You sold me the batteries, I put them in, by myself I might add, and my transistor radio is still not working!"

"But, Mam.."

"Don't you "Mam" me..You said it would work..and it doesn't...."

"but you don't understand.."

"what don't I understand, Sonny?! I understand you sold me batteries that don't work. I used to be able to hear my favorite stations, I could turn up the volume. I could change station, for Heaven's sake...and now I can't.. look at doesn't WORK..So just what DON'T I understand..??"

"but...but... um......this is a"

Oh. Hurmph...Well then..... thankyouverymuch.

Yes. Like daughter....and daughter......Poor, poor April..........heeheehee



Betty said...

Look out, April...your mom says your turn is coming. These stories are just too funny! And so much fun to read (rather than experience, I imagine). Keep 'em coming, Colleen!

Deb said...

Such a great story :-)
Thanks for visiting my blog & your kind comment ...I hope you'll stop by often.

Lucy said... you know how much your daughter looks like your mom?

Charmingdesigns said...

Heehee. You are one of a kind!! I guess you're not. I'm hearing a trend Have a wonderful day!! Laurie

April said...

Yes, I do love you to pieces but it is my job, you know, as your oldest and wisest child, to let you know when you are displaying "Grandma Sullivan like tendencies"! And yes, I am all too aware of the fact that my day is coming and Brian will be sure to tell me when I am displaying "Grammie like tendencies". Ok, well in my case it probably be Alyssa (not Brian) telling me but you get the point. Anyway, you have to admit the stories are very similar and if nothing else, gave you material for today's blog!! I have an advantage that you didn't have though because I can blog today about the things my kids are doing to record them so that when I start displaying "Grammie like tendencies" I can point out their "moments" as well!!
Love ya,

Phyllis said...

Funny story! And yes, I remember the transistor radios very well. My brother had two of them - they looked like little rocket ships and could be clipped onto the handlebars of his bicycle - that was so neat. I was always jealous of them.

Much later I got my own turquoise blue transistor radio with a brown leather case. Sure wish I still had it. :)

Coleen said...

transister radios!!!!! now that really takes me down memory lane!! I felt so "cool" when I got mine...I was/am a Beatle nut and I had that radio glued to my ear....used to drive my mom nuts!!!

Mary said...

I remember transister radios! We had one in the kitchen and would turn it on when we did dishes after dinner. One of us kids washed, the other dried, and the last one put away the dishes. I miss those days although mom told me I got dishwater diarrhea all the time. We are all alot like our moms!

madrekarin said...

I remember transistor radios. I had a little white one that I loved to listen to at the beach! That's too funny about your mom and her camera. It sounds like something my mother-in-law would do.

Sweet Repose said...

Love the last daughter came down on me the other day at her store, for grabbing the wrong check and depositing it into my account...that's when collections called her to ask where the money was, to which she replied...I have the cancelled check...WHAT...then it dawned on her...Sharon Wilson...Sherwin Williams...

Soooo, it will be a long time before I live this one down...

Sherwin Williams er...Sharon Wilson

diane said...

Have you heard the saying?..."Be kind to your kid they choose your nursing home"
We all do daft things once in a while but being able to laugh it off is sanity saving. Your posts are always good for a laugh.

Laurie and Chris said...

Oh My Goodness! That is so funny!