Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is sooo weird...

We're having central air conditioning installed - in the snow.

However, it's supposed to be 78 degrees next week. Supposed to be...

Mr. B wanted to get the long-awaited-and-much-needed-oh-this-is-the-last-summer-I'll-sweat-all-night central air before the big "air conditioning" rush you hear about all the time..

You know...."Only 63 more days to shop for that air conditioning system! Better shop now and avoid the rush!"

Just messin' with ya Mr. B.

Anyway, we had to empty the hall pantry 'cos that's where the hole-in-the-ceiling-thingy is.

Who ever made this house in the first place was either drunk, stupid or both. Imagine putting a small square hole that a large round body is supposed to get into to fix all sorts of roofy-attic things??

Good thing the heater-air conditioning guy is small. But the fact that I'm in here messing with the art room and stuff is all over the place anyway - now it's all over the kitchen - the stuff from the pantry.

Looks like we've been ransacked.

Dinner was sort of "on your own" because the stove top has pots and pans we keep in the pantry.

Mr. B microwaved some canned tamales - ick - Oh, my Mother used to call them Ta-Males - too funny! And you know Yosemite Sam?? Daddy used to call him Yo-So-Mite Sam -and he was serious! I never had the nerve to correct him - Until Brandi had a disagreement in Jr. High with a girl who told her it was not Yo-So-Mite Park, but Yosemite.. Brandi thought the girl was SOOO wrong!

Ahhh, the silly things in life! Oh, that reminds me - I signed up for this site called Photojojo and they had this fun idea:

"The Secret Lives of Benches"

Ahhh, your friendly local park bench.
You’ve always suspected it’s up to no good.
Want proof? Tie a disposable camera to it, leave it there for a day, then come back and develop the pictures.
That’s what Jay did, and he got a bunch of pictures of all the friendly people who hung out at his bench that day. Here’s the note he tied to the camera:

Good afternoon,I attached this camera to the bench so you could take pictures. Seriously. So have fun. I’ll be back later this evening to pick it up.Love, Jay

Try it for yourself! Get a cheap disposable camera, tie it to a bench with a friendly note, and collect it at the end of the day. Pick a bench in an interesting place that gets a lot of foot traffic, like outside a cafe on a sunny weekend. If you’re shy about taking portraits of strangers, here’s your solution!
Go on, you know you’re curious about that bench now."

I think that'd be a hoot! Oh, I don't know - maybe someone would take a picture of something really disgusting - like half-eaten hamburger in the trash - then I'd be all embarrassed to have it developed because the guy at Walgreen's would think I was a weirdo...

Anyway, he said when he retrieved th camera, all the photos had been taken and he shows them on the site. Maybe I'll do that....maybe not...



madrekarin said...

Yay for you getting air conditioning!! I know you'll be happy. Kind of funny, because I have been reading up all week on how to not use the air connditioner this summer!! :) I so hope I can follow through.
I love the park bench photo idea. I am going to suggest that to my son. In the area he lives in, he would probably get some interesting pictures. But then, the camera might go missing as well. :)

Anonymous said...

That photo idea is to funny. I would probably get mooned are something. My luck it would just get stolen lol. hope all goes well with the AC. we have been running ours for about a month. Brian keeps it to cold. In the summer our bill is over 500 bucks and im not ready for that.
Thanks for the comments about the tea. yes I love my Katy and she loved the tea. Now we have to start having them =)

Anonymous said...

The park bench is across from a store on Virginia street (in the Virginia Highlands area), Atlanta, GA. I just knew all those friendly people had to be southerners! Great idea. Take care. Betty

PS...the word verification for this anonymous comment is flapooy...made me laugh!

Mary said...

Who comes up with these ideas! I love it. It's a perfect study of human nature topped off with a wonderful sense of humor. I need to find a park bench or maybe take a camera to work. That would be fun!