Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Arizona's Skyscrapers.....

The beautiful, giant, century old Saguaro cactus...the Prickly Pear....Bottle Brush

I don't know how many of you have seen the desert in the spring.

Many have probably heard about the outrageously hot summers and the lovely cool winters.

But the spring, ah, the spring!

Cactus blooming - the air smells sweet with mesquite trees and orange groves...

And the beauty of the colors - yes - they do have brilliant, beautiful colors.

A juxtaposition to the stark, harsh landscape of the Sonora Desert.... awe-inspiring.

My grandson Brian and his girlfriend Tessa took me on a virtual journey to the Desert Botanical Gardens..

Enjoy a little of what they saw, and what brings to mind my childhood on the ranch...I can almost hear the mourning doves now....

I'm happy that while they are so young they seek out the beauty of wherever they are.

Thanks, Bud...I love you both.



madrekarin said...

I have never been to the desert, so this was quite a treat for me to see! So beautiful.
What a sweet thing for your grandson to do for you!

Mary said...

Ok, now I had to add that to my bucket list. I guess I never thought of all the amazing things in a dessert. Thanks for sharing! Oh and yes that is my view from my house. I love to play in my flower garden!

the old schoolhouse said...

Wow did you ever see anything so beautiful, what a nice thing to do for you,and what a good looking pair they are.thank you so much .Angie

Laurie & Chris said...

The pictures are so pretty!


Lovely pics Colleen, what a sweet Grandson (& his girlfriend). BTW, can you please send the Organising Fairy to my house when you've finished with her.
Hugs, Coll :-}

The Barber Bunch said...

Great pics!! Thanks for sharing!

Oh.....I am a having my first contest. Pass the word and stop by my blog and enter!!