Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cherry Blossoms and Sewing Walls...

....and all things spring!

My daughter Brandi and her little family - hubby Johnny and daughter Ella Ireland live in New Jersey.

Newark to be exact.

Johnny has a very important job with the city in Mechanical Engineering.
Ella has a very important job of being 4.
Brandi has a very important job of keeping up with Ella & Johnny.

Tough job.

But she does take the time to look around and see what's happening in her area.

They are always having some sort of festival - and all are beautiful and full of great smells and foods and cultures.

Ella is getting a well-rounded education in the diversity of the world. I am very grateful for that. Brandi & Johnny make sure that Ella participates as much as she can.

That brings me to the Cherry Festival in Branch Brook Park...

This beautiful park is only minutes away from their home. On a good day one can walk to it.

This is an old postcard I found on-line when the park was young...1904

And this could be a postcard from this past week-end's festival.

That's Ella. And a cherry tree. With blossoms.

A canopy of cherry far as the eye can see...

And here is Ella, her very first festival and now, her 4th...with wonder and amazement that we all have in the beauty of spring...

I have my sewing machine on a shelf next to my printer. I've had the sewing machine for a few years and have only used in a very few times, and that is in the very recent past.

Why you ask? Well, maybe you didn't but here's why anyway...

I apparently opened the box when I first got it and promptly lost the foot pedal and cord.

Don't ask.

For over 2 years I searched. Finally gave up and decided that I needed to see if it could be replaced.

Well, wouldn't you know it, by the time I looked into it, it was out of date. Out of stock. Non-replaceable. Kaput. Zilch. Nada. Nope.

But, the repairman took pity and I think he may have gotten a laugh when I told him I had never, I mean nev-er, used the brand new machine, and found one that could serve the purpose.

I was now a sewer. that sewer, like with rats and water??

Ewwwe no! I meant a SEW-er..

So, I took an old pattern and used it as wallpaper, sprayed adhesive on the back and pressed down this little collage - the shelf it sits on just seemed so ....white...before.

So there you have it...Cherry Blossoms and Sewing Walls.

Oh yeah. Guess what cleaning up my art room brought me? Yep. My foot pedal and cord.

Found it just where I put it to be safe....BWAAAAHAHAAAAA!

Whaddaya know...



Anonymous said...

Ella looks adorable in that precious dress...Brandi is doing a great job "mothering" her...probably gets her "mothering" skills from you, eh?? Betty

Melissa said...

Glad you found your cord and pedal. Isn't that how it always goes? I can't remember how many times I put something up so it would be in a safe place and a place where I couldn't lose it and then I end up losing it b/c I can't remember where I put it. LOL. Anyways-I enjoyed looking at your pics of your grandkids! I gave you an award so go to my blog and check it out!

Xerofall said...

Here's the exact conversation:

Colleen- "Jeff, here's some electronic stuff I found in my art room."

Me- "Mom, that's your foot pedal and cord for your sewing machine. The one you've been looking for for years!"

Colleen- "Shut up."

We all still love you. :p

white o'morn cottage said...

I think little Ella is like a little fairy in the magical woods in those pics. What a lovely festival to have.
And I love what you did with the background for the sewing machine....oh, and I spotted a lovely pink sewing box very like the one I have. Great post. love it...Pam


thanks for sharing the cherry blossom photos...they made my day! and little Ella was the beautiful centerpiece...I want to go to a festival like that!

Laurie & Chris said...

The cherry blossoms are so pretty! I bet Ella had a great time. She is so cute.

Glad you found your foot pedal and cord.I love your sewing wall!!

~d said...



Lmaoooo! figures.

IF it' s important: get ready to lose it. :)

Mary said...

I'm heading to NJ the beginning of June for my brothers wedding. He's getting married on the beach which is only a few minutes from his home.
I'm so proud of you for working on your craft room. That project is on my to do list but it's a huge project and I can't quite get to it.
Have a good day!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I thought I left a comment and it didn't show up -

Ok - Well, I love Ella - she looks adorable. The cherry blossom festival looks like a place I would love to be!
p.s. red or robins egg blue? I would love to know what you end up with...

Anonymous said...

Oh just beautiful. I hope the trees are still blooming when we get there.

Pen Pen said...

HILARIOUS... you found the foot pedal and cord! Love your sewing wall!

Pen Pen said...

Oh yeah.... your round pink sewing box... I have a green one just like it. I bought it at a yard sale (at a retirement community) for less than $2. Inside, there were all kinds of treasures.... wooden spools, a tatting shuttle with lace attached, old needles inside advertising cards, knitting needles, etc. It was wonderful!