Monday, April 14, 2008

Today's almost gone...

...and I'm just making my entry. Hmmm... Must not have had much to say earlier, huh?

(as if I have anything now....)

Well, not to much more even now, but I did go on another job interview.

Have you ever had one where you thought you did pretty well, then on the drive home gone "DOH! I should have said this" "...or I would have been funnier if I said that..."

Today was one of those. But, it's always good experience to have a lot of practice.

Tomorrow is another interview, so I'll be "fresh" in thoughts...

Stopped on the way home at the bookstore - looking mostly for magazines. I came across this book and immediately knew I wanted it for my bookshelf.

Few words...mostly quotes (a second love of mine)...all about dogs.

All vintage photos - none newer than the '50's. Love it!

Here are some samples...if anyone would like more to right-click and save, just let me know. I think they'd be fun to use as ephemera on collages or projects..

Have a good Tuesday and I'll promise to , too!



Anonymous said...

Oh my I love the book. thanks for the Birthday wish. They always say save the best for last hehe=) Hope you job searching goes well and Gods will be done for you.

The Feathered Nest said...

I'm sure you did wonderful in your interview Colleen, we always doubt ourselves afterwards. I hope tomorrow's goes wonderfully, just be your sweet happy self and make them smile!! I love your new book and I'm thinkin' that Ellie's grandmaw in the second photo??? xxoo, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Love the book, of course! Best of luck on today's never know, you may have done "smashingly" on yesterday's...sometimes interviewers aren't allowed to give away their thoughts until all the candidates have been interviewed...good luck! Betty

white o'morn cottage said...

Love the photos. A great book for sure. Best of luck tomorrow. What I always say in these situations is... What's meant for me wont pass me! Love Pam

the old schoolhouse said...

the best of luck to ye,hope you get the job im sure you will. i love the book, about dogs whats not to love!!!Angie xx


Good luck...I hope you hear back real soon on your interviews! I love your book...did they have one on cats?