Sunday, August 2, 2009

Was yesterday Funday?? is Sunday. That means yesterday was Saturday.

I didn't say Sunday..I said FUNday..

Oh, well,yes, as a matter of fact, it was..Funday. And Saturday. So we're both right.

I know you're talking to me again, right?

Yes, that's because I listen so well to me. Duh.

Okay, what made it so fun you ask?

You didn't? Well, let's just go with you did...

So, we went to the Farmer's Market in downtown's Pioneer park. We arrived a little later than we planned (sidetracked by a great yard sale..more on that in another post..but I got the cutest apron!!)

Anyway, because we got there late, it was already getting hot.

And because Mr. B really hasn't gotten all of his super-hero strength back (although he'd argue that point..) we didn't stay long.

But long enough to get some great shots..people, all sorts..

..and dogs..lots and lots of dogs, each one cuter than the next...

Got some good ideas for crafts..

Generally enjoyed our time there.

Didja have a Funday yesterday??

Well, it's not too late ya know. Go have a Funday on Sunday 'cos by Monday, the window of opportunity...well......



Vicki said...

HI Utah Grammie..
I'm about 50 miles south from you and didn't know about the Farmers Market in Provo! Now I do...Now I'll go next week and have my own *fun day*
And I'll check back here again to see what other fun I been missin..

white o'morn cottage said...

Great to see him up and about! He looks well and so do you! Best wishes...Pam

Lori R. said...

Pics are great! Mr. B. looks like it is great to feel human again. I love the pic you put up on your main page photo. I'm glad you got me in the pic. I'm the one with the 10 gal. hat standing right there in line with all your friends. Yee haa sister! Let's show those men how it is supposed to be done... I will be home on my own computer next week. Not sure how I got this computer to do it all, but not going to press my luck re: posting... glad you headed out and about to the farmer's mkt. as my grandma used to tell us kids, "Go outside and play so you can get the stink blowed off of ya!"

Karen said...

We had a Funday today (Sunday). Visit my blog for some pics.

diane said...

Glad to see you both out and about again. We had fun exploring a new wetland park in our area. Post to come soon.