Saturday, August 15, 2009

..rain drops on roses and whiskers chin?

OK, so we don't currently have a cat to be able to correctly finish that song.

But, rain drops are one of my favorite things...{as opposed to whiskers on my chin}

On the metal roof off the lean-to that covers the side of the work ping as the rain starts..

The the sounds coupled with the smell of fresh summer rain? Perfection..

And that's what we had last evening. A quick and heavy late afternoon summer rain.

What a perfectly lovely way to end a perfectly ordinary week.

Oh, one more of the little cute fuzzy chickens next door?

She's a HUGE, big footed, ornery....rooster!

Yeah, like cockadoodle-fricken-DO rooster. And her..I mean his..voice is changing! So we go out and hear this almost-clearing-his-throat..

"ar AR ar{cough cough clear throat}.Ar AR AR ARRR!

..and she's, I mean he's so proud. And big. Did I mention big? Like..huge.. Such a good cockadoodledo-er..

Then he walks over and pecks the top of one of the girls heads and feathers start to fly..dust rises as she runs away, trying to hide..

..little pecker..


But it's a sound I LOVE to hear..a little country morning in our little corner of the city..

So as I sit here in the wee hours of this new day and think about the sounds I love to hear.

My door is slightly closed (so as not to wake Mr. B so early) I hear another sweet tiny sound from the other side, a teensy little almost inaudible whine from Lulu..she's up and wondering what I'm up to..I don't usually work with the doors closed.

"You want out Girly-girl??"

"Nope..just wanting to know you're OK..I'll come in and lay down in Braxton's bed for a while. You keep doing what you're doing..I'll"..{snore, snore..}

And so my Saturday begins. How's your going so far? Enjoy it! It'll be another whole ordinary week 'til you can use it again..



Artistic Accents by Darla said...

We got some rain during the night too! It's really wonderful after such a dry, DRY summer!
Your rooster story is hilarious!
Thanks for the Saturday smile♥

Laurie and Chris said...

Very cute post. We just hear our air conditioner running. It is very hot and muggy but we need it to dry everything out.

Happy Saturday <3

madrekarin said...

I'm still laughing at yoru last post! Those pictures are hilarious! Dayna and I did the 5K this morning- up before the crack of dawn to walk/jog 3.1 miles. Crazy? Yes, I think so!
So sad that the chick turned out to be a roo, no eggs. But still, I knwo what you mean about that country in eth city feeling. You just can't beat it. :)

Have a happy weekend.

Pen Pen said...

Rooster sounds are great early in the morning, unless you are trying to sleep! My dad has always had chickens and sometimes I would be so aggravated to hear them crowing. Love little Lulu's pic!

diane said...

I got up late as usual in winter, although it is already spring weather. Walked to buy the paper takes about 30 mins.Then laze over breakfast, reading the paper and doing the crosswords. We went to the Botanical Gardens to practice using the new camera. Still not happy with my landscape shots. Had lunch on Mt Coot-tha, came home did blog with new photos,had a light tea. Watched my soccer team play on TV. They drew against last year's champs.And I did all this on Saturday before you were listening to the rooster crow. Weird isn't it. BTW we're not allowed roosters in the city.
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Our Brisbane

Pearl said...

What a perfect morning! I love his blankie.

Pearl said...

Aaaah her Blankie! I'm just waking up myself.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I enjoyed reading your post! I love the sound of rain too. Although most of the time it accompanied by booming and lightining around here wich I can do without! We're supposed to have rain today so I'm looking forward to a nice cozy day indoors. Your furry baby looks so cute under the blankie!


Julie said...

That is the sweetest doggie picture ever. You know my girl is Gracie but I often call her Gracie Lou. Then that turned into Lulu or Lulu Bug. So I guess she's a Lulu too.

Lori R. said...

Ohhh, I'm so glad there are no roosters in this neighborhood... We were in Chicago all weekend and I couldn't even stand the street sounds all night long. I looovee white noise....Have a great week, hi to Mr. B.... things must be improving for him, good to know... back to normal? I know, what's normal.... Don't forget to visit my blog,,, there is a giveaway,,,,

Gaston Studio said...

Love your rooster pun intended.

Today am announcing a FUN giveaway thingie on my post which will begin next Monday... come visit and see what I'm talking about!