Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Math..well, sort of.

Did I mention that I am not too fond of math?

( after seeing Julie & Julia this week-end, I find I say things, at least in my head, like Meryl Streeps' characterization of Julia Child.."Not tooo fond" would be one of those..didja hear it? The trill?)

Anyway, seems lately for this one person, me, numbers have been everywhere..

They are in my head 26 hours a day ...

Recipe measurements (yes, I'm cooking...another story) weight, money, work hours, money, oh, yeah I already mentioned that one.

Well, it's important. I have myself on a budg...a spendin...OK, OK an allowance..

And I am trying to prioritize the way I am utilizing that small small small amount..

Oh, I'm grateful I have any at all in these days, I really am..really.. I am..

So, gas for the car ..this is where, ick (insert shiver) math comes in.. I've been watching to see how many miles I can get before I must get gas..

so, OK, I can go to the bookstore and pick up my magazine(s) and, oh wait, they have a GINORMOUS sale lookie!! Oh joy!!

OK, now I know I need to stop for gas. So, let me think...think..think..if I get, oh like a dollar or three of gas, that'll get me probably like, oh, 1.75 days to work and back..that is if I don't go anywhere in between....Hmmm..think think think.

Can you see where this would be a problem for someone like me??

Oh, and the weight thing? Did you know that the sweater I wore last night must have weighed like a pound? (Yup, up a pound..grrr..)

So now I must calculate how I dress for weigh-ins divided by what I splurged on and ate over the weekend times the actual time of day, equals the sum of the...


OK OK, but first 2 quotes I found on ....math:

"There are 3 kinds of people int the world..those who can count and those who can't."

"Math is made up of 50% formulas, 50% proofs and 50% imagination."

"Philosophy is a game with objectives and no rules. Mathematics is a game with rules and no objectives."

So, go out there and enjoy every minute of your day, every penny in your wallet and every calorie you consume..(that's not a quote..just some advice from me )

Let see, it's 6:56 and the walk will take 20 minutes minus make-up time, add lunch prep, divided by household chores and times that by I need to be at work by 8 and if I travel 65 mph, and it's 13 miles...

....just shoot me now..


Lori R. said...

FUNNY!!! Been there done that, glad I don't have to write down how I see numbers, because people would think I am nuts.
My thing is I see 11's everywhere, which someone has told me there is an 11 phenomonon that I should Google.... hmmmmm....
And I too have found you can't go to WW naked!!!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

You're a riot! You can always COUNT on me to follow your blog! ha

Pen Pen said...

Yep, I sometimes get numbers in my head and they drive me crazy too. Just the other night, while working on the baby quilt, I had to do some math, to figure out how to cut an triangle.... whew... good thing I had a calculator and a computer to look up the formula on. I had to call my husband for advice... in the end, I changed the whole quilt design... no triangles! LOL ps... guess what I bought last night???? a box of dominoes!! I'm going to look up how to paint and stamp them... any advice?

Lori R. said...

ditto on your message to me, good friend!!!

Karen said...

Too much work for me! I usually just wing it!

Laurie said...

I had a special outfit I wore just for weigh ins. It was almost thread bare by the time I lost the weight, I'd put it on, weigh, then change my clothes for the meeting! The lengths we'll go to to see a lower number!

diane said...

You would make a good teacher, you can always think of quirky things to write about. I was never good at Maths. (That's how we say it here, Math feels funny in my mouth, like I have got my tongue stuck and I need to finish the word. Language is funny. We should do a blog together on the difference in Aussie and American words. Mom and Mum etc)

wendy said...

Love your post! Don't ya just love calculators?!