Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wanna know why I don't play poker?

..OK, besides that fact that is takes....strategy?

..and probably a knowledge of the "rules" ..

...and that it's a game of luck and strategy and rules??

Because I have never managed to have a poker face..

..which, in most days of my life is not really an issue.

Except times where, I'm feeling insecure, or if something I do is not understood, or if something I'm proud of is in question, or my Irish is getting up.

And this is something working on. I really am. I don't like the feeling of being so..... transparent.

Even when I "think" I'm doing better, I find the muscles around my mouth going from a smile and creeping toward a pursed-lip-thingy.

And the eyebrows. Are they scrunching together? Hmm..why is Botox sounding like a good investment right now..??

Sometimes I don't even notice my teeth grinding until I do (notice) and I relax my jaw and it's like I've come home from work and taken off an uncomfortable bra..{ as far as I remember}

When I was a trainer, and dealt with entry level managers, I used to tell them if they were ever confronted by, oh, someone within the company, NOT to become defensive, but to listen, and say, "OK, OK, I'll fix it".. repeat after me.. "OK OK I'll fix it.." and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES be perceived as defensive...

Because other than if football..

... and in war... is not a desirable trait. Apparently.

It was a hard concept to explain at times, especially when dealing with fragile sensitivities..

So, I'll leave you with this quote that I love...

"A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in it's vicinity freshen into smiles." - Washington Irving

-me... aka ..........


smasek said...

Hey C, Been thinking about you. Do you need some homegrown zucchini or some basil? I can bring some tomatoes for me yet. I ate the only cucumber in the garden. But you have Jenny as a neighbor, I guess. You will never go without.....:)love you, s

diane said...

A few hours I read that you were going to bed but now you are back again. Good morning. I've had dinner now o I am no longer salivating over yours.Have a good weekend.

Pen Pen said...

Yes, you can always get a better response with "I'll fix it" than by being defensive. Love all your photo face expressions!

white o'morn cottage said...

Colleen! An Irish temper? Oooohhh, that very thought strikes fear into my husband!...any Irish husband! Hahaa
love Pam

Julie said...

Oh, my goodness, I hope your anger issues are resolved by now. I can't help but think that writing this hilarious post helped. I also "get my Irish up" at times and I didn't even know I was Irish until age 56 (I had my suspicions tho.) I thought it was my Scottish temperament (erm, temper).

Coleen said...

we are so kindred spirits!!!!

Heart Hugs,
(the other) Coleen

Laurie and Chris said...

I so want that tshirt. :)