Monday, August 17, 2009

Creativity and all of it's forms..

this has nothing to do with the following post. I just liked the photo.

I've always thought of creativity as synonymous with play ..

..that to be creative is a past time, something to be enjoyed, looked at, shared.

However, I am seeing now that creativity takes many being a creative cook, or using creative financing in balancing a checkbook.

Oh, come on, I can to cook..and well..OK, not so much the checkbook thing.

But for me it's still a pleasure. I just can't seem to get excited about creative laundry folding for example.

What...origami for underwear? Not so much. And towel folding? Well, yeah, I'll give you that least on cruise ships. I love those little dogs with the sunglasses they put on your bed!

No, I've never been on a cruise, but I do watch the commercials, and they always show the towels folded into dogs..I wanna learn that.

OK, it's a pig..and if I found that on my bed..on an "all-you-can-eat"cruise ship, I'd be seriously ticked...

Awwwe..little bunny :-)

Towel folding is a chore, not a creative endeavor . For me. And my daughters. They fold the towels just exactly like me..or like I do. (can you imagine the work that'd be involved in folding a towel like me??)


How about socks? Nothing creative there- find two that match and viola! A pair..shaboom sha boom..

And the cooking thing? Yeah, you spend all day on "creating" a great meal, then they EAT it and it's like..pffffffttt..gone.
Surprise, Honey! Look who I brought home for dinner ?!

So I dabble. And because I have ADLD (attention deficit lazy disorder..wish it was "hyper") I can get absolutely crazy busy with a new project..and when I'm's like "been there - done that" and move on.

I was with scrapbooking for years and maybe this fiber-altered-assemblage-college thingy is a natural spin-off. Hope so 'cos I kinda liked doing it..

Maybe I should try to find a "creative" way to get to spend more time playing than working..

I'm just saying...



Laurie said...

I have to agree, I'm not creative in the finance area, but give me a stove, a sewing machine and some fabric, and I'm off into my own little world! Now if I can just get my dh to understand that when the craft room door is closed, "Leave Me Alone!!"

white o'morn cottage said...

Love the towel folding. I can do the chicken one in bottom left of photo.
Toilet paper folding? Wish I had the time!

The Texas Woman said...

Dear Grammie, Thanks for the encouragement drop at my blog. I worry I'm doing the right thing but you did it and are living the good life! I needed to hear that. You can't imagine how much your comment meant to me...but then again, you're the only one that could imagine how much.

Thank you.


wendy said...

I'm with you on the laundry! Wow and you can find matching socks!! mine are always disappearing!

Pen Pen said...

I totally agree... but if we don't work, how will we have money to play???? Can we just figure that one out, please???

the old schoolhouse said...

Oh how i would love to have the time to have fun folding lovely things into wonderful works of art[lol] anyway ed and i are going on a caribean cruise for two weeks [twenty five years mad i mean married] so maybe i can learn then best wishes Angie.

Heather said...

you crack me up! my sister learned how to make different shapes/designs with napkins when she worked at a country club as a waitress. so now at Thanksgiving and Christmas my mom makes her fold our napkins before we come in the dining room, lol!