Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let's get visual, visual, I wanna get visual.. know, like the song by Olivia Newton-John?

Let's get physical..?

Yeeeah..but what was all that about "I wanna hear your body talk, body talk.."
(what can I say? It was the 80's...)

About the only thing Mr. B's body says is.."pull my finger.."

..and I really don't want to have THAT conversation..

OK, my point. I am a very visual person. I think most of us women are.

Or is it "most of we woman"..

"we women"..sounds like an Irish tribe of tiny-warriors.." the WeeWomen of Strokestown"

{focus, Colleen, focus}

I mean, like I have some great least I think they're great cookbooks..I really haven't used them much because they don't have.... pictures...

I want to visualize what the food looks like when prepared. Which is silly because I know what most food looks like, right?

So, why do the ones that have the pictures do me in? Drooling on the pages..?? The old saying about the "eye eats first" and all..

Which when you visualize that it can be pretty disturbing..

Anyway, I guess I hadn't realized just how much of a visual person I am until this morning.

Driving to work.

I always turn at the cute vintage Used Car lot sign (that I always said I needed to take pictures of) ...however, didn't know it was taken down and replaced with a new, not-vintage-so-so sign..and completely missed my turn.

Only I didn't even realize it until I was half way down State Street, past my turn, when something inside me said....

"Where are you going??"

"Well, there was no sign.."

"You completely missed the turn.."

"Yeah, but where's the sign?"

Do you do that? Tell someone "make a left at the quilt shop then go past the park.." instead of "turn East and proceed approximately 300 yards..."??

Yeah, thought so.

When I read books, I don't have to have pictures..well, like novels. Craft books, yes, they need pictures. But you don't find many works of great literature with photos on each page..

..although I sometimes do judge a book by it's pretty cover..

Their you go..

And blogs? Yep, I do love a good photo - a peek into your world as you tell me your stories. I'm certain their are a ton of great, funny, intellectual blogs without pictures, but I get hooked when I see the pictures..

So tonight's dinner was another good one - out of the Weight Watcher's cookbook - this was steak and crispy polenta with a corn-relish..pretty..and pretty good.

This is their version..

and mine..

{OK, I forgot the cilantro garnish..}

..pretty close I'd say.

OK, so I'm not a food stylist..or a photographer for that matter..

So if any of you out there are publishing the next great cookbook, put some pretty pictures of the food and I'll buy it for sure.

Oh, one more thing to visualize - a sweet neighbor {Hi Jenny!} bringing over some beautiful fresh offerings from her plot of the Community Gardens..

Look at the Robin's egg color on that one? Beautiful..

I can almost smell these grilling don't get me started on the power of smells...

Hmmm..garlic..San Francisco..Chinese food..garlic pizza...salt-water air..

Now I am visualizing myself falling asleep...and falling out of the computer chair..

...better to go bed - cya2morrow!



Lucy said...

Your post just made me realize that that has been the problem with me my entire life. I can't visualize. Anything.

Okay now. For my second life........

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

ha! I'm the same way! That's why I love youtube so much. I can search 'how to make a tote bag' or something and see someone do it. There could be hundreds of online instructions but I need to see it done to absorb it :) THEN I can perhaps follow a pattern.
I've always heard men are more visual but after reading your post, I think we all are.
Love the 80's........the fashions will come back, they always do. LOL


Pen Pen said...

Yes, I love to visualize too.... love blogs with lots of pictures!!! And you are so funny: Pull my finger!

Julie said...

It's "most of us women" (object of preposition!)

I, too, find blogs - which may indeed be very good blogs - not worth reading if they don't have pictures. One thing that photos/art do is break up the text to make it easier to read.

I love those narrow yellow (squash?). I love to cut up some of those, with some small zucchini, red and yellow peppers and marinate them in a Good Seasons type dressing and then grill. Yuum. Love garlic too, and onion. Oh, such good smells.

Just Breathe said...

Yes, I am a visual person too!
I do love the pictures on the blogs, they always draw me in.
Great Post !

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Loved the picture of you Olivia... I mean
Colleen. LOL!

Veg from the neighbors garden looks
fabulous! I have tons of cucumbers
in my greenhouse... wish I could send them
off to you :)


the old schoolhouse said...

Loved the photos, hope Mr B is doing well, go on give him a big hug from all of us here in Ireland Angie xx

Sweet Repose said...

I'm still laughing at 'pull my finger' crack me up!!!

If I can find it I'll send it to ya, I have a pic of myself that looks almost exactly like you in that shot...w/o the headband.
I think it may have been the margaritas I was consuming that night...ahhh...the good ol' days...right!

June said...

You are such a visual person that you draw pictures with words. Love listening to you (and SEEING what you mean).

Charmingdesigns said...

I to am soooo visual. Thats why I thought my you might enjoy my photos of the zoo, instead of just telling you I went Laurie

diane said...

Me too. A very visual learner and kinesthetic too, where I physically have to do something to learn it. It is no use BB telling or showing me how to do something on the computer, I actually have to do it to remember it. I agree with the pictures in recipe books. Your dinner looks scrumptious and my mouth is watering as it is dinner time.