Saturday, August 8, 2009

Getting to know you..I mean me..

Remember that song?

"Getting to know you {me}
getting to know all about you...{me}
{something.. something}... getting to like what I see"

Well after almost-60 years..I am still learning about my favorite

In my last post I wasn't angry as you may have thought, just cognizant of how I am being perceived, and my desire to not exactly wear my heart on my sleeve ..all the time..

And sort of wishing I could, at beneficial times, not have everyone know what I am thinking or how I am feeling.

That sounds like something opposite of what most people want to accomplish and I'm not saying I want to be devious..but maybe mysterious is a better word?


You know, not give away all my secrets because sometimes they are used in a way that is not beneficial to me..does that make sense?

Anyway, on a less "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handley sort of way..

I am learning what I really love..other than the very

1. The weather started out complete perfection to me..chilly under the covers in the wee hours of the morning and when I walked the pups I needed a hoodie but not a jacket. So...61 degrees is my PERFECT temperature!!

{ artist Jan Hart }

2. Time of day? 4:00 o'clock. Always has been. School's out and supper's not ready yet..time to play. Unfortunately, the bosses of the world see it differently. But I refuse to set my happiness clock to 5pm. So there. Nanner nanner.

3. Best alone-contemplation time? 5am. Any season. Especially summer and fall..OK..spring and winter in there too.

4. Best day of the week? Friday. Really. Actually it's Friday night, Sunday morning, so I guess I could split those up into two categories: best night {Friday}

{paining by Kimberly Applegate - }

and best in-jammies-morning Sunday..

It's odd that we should be learning these things at almost-60..but glad the lessons are coming ..maybe the "Teacher" knew the student wasn't ready to learn...


"Deep Thoughts" by Colleen..I can see the book in the window of Barnes & Noble now

....OK.. OK.. maybe just the window if my mind...


OH! On tomorrow's blog and am going to give you some FUN FUN FUN sites I have found! (you may already have found these as well, and if so, why haven't YOU shared???? Huh??)



Just Breathe said...

I'm almost 58 and I hear you girl!
Actually I am a pajama girl almost everyday until at least 1PM.

Connie said...

Isn't the second line, "Getting to like you,
getting to hope you like me- etc.... ?"
I'll join the group as I'm an Irish gal, too.
Where I grew up I think the boat docked !!!

That long term memory works well. Let's see....... maybe when I am using the computer and haven't a clue what I am doing. I keep saying there is an easier way to do this......
Love your blog ! My picture was taken two years ago at age 72 (you do the math) as I really didn't have any of me. I was the family photographer.
Love you blog and your wit!

whie o'morn cottage said...

Love the post and the photos. Looking forward to seeing all those promised sites tomorrow. Pam

Coleen said... childhood nickname was ......Coy Coy!!! I have not thought of that in yeeeears!!! Your posts brings up alot of "stuff" for me!!! Thank You my friend!!!

Heart Hugs,

Alyssa said...

I think you never stop learning about yourself. That's what makes life such an adventure!...even if you do learn not so good things; there's always something so amazing about you that it balances out to make you, in my eyes, the perfect Grammie. Plus, it means you don't necessarily need to crack open a text book to learn your "something new every day." :)

PS- I bought a coffee maker and place setting set to match the microwave!!

Lots of Love!

diane said...

So true, we keep learning about ourselves all the time and I've noticed how I have changed over time (Character as well as wrinkles)Sorry I've been busy learning other stuff this week and haven't been to read your funny posts. I will catch up soon.