Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good morning all..

Well, Mr. B got released from ""Home" and told he can go back to's odd to me they released him over the phone..Hmm..guess it's OK..he has a follow-up on surgery next Friday. Hope they don;t say "Whoops, we probably shouldn't have released you yet.."

We seem to have very picky bird-diners at the feeder. And messy too. The sift through the wild bird seed we so carefully purchased for the 'balanced nutrition' and all just to get to the sunflower seeds and some black seeds as well..tossing the smaller (and messier) seeds to the ground, where they have sprouted the thickest greenery you could imagine.

So Grandma Evelyn bought some that just contains the black seeds..and the floodgates of diners has opened!

Wonder what kind of plants these will produce- well, any that make it to the ground before being gobbled up :-)

The air conditioner is fixed (thank you repairman-person) It may have helped his sense of urgency to see Mr. B in the hospital bed in the front room..way to go Mr. B!!

Also, if you want to avoid all those lengthy lines at airport security..just ask for a wheelchair - they still have to go through, but you get driven up to the very front of the line..and no one gets mad - they look all sympathetic..teehee..but I wouldn't suggest you hop right out and dance through the could end up actually needing the wheel chair :-)

Larry is doing a wee bit better - his appetite in slowly increasing and he has been able to spend time working the horses - not riding yet- but at least working with them and seeing them..and in the heat of Arizona, I think that's quite an accomplishment!

We thank God for all His compassion and guidance through these times. We are grateful for family and friends, for work to do and for a lovely home. We may have the occasional pity-party, but truth be told, we feel sooo fortunate.

So, blessings form our little corner of the world and we want you to really take a moment today to stop...and think of what makes you smile..and how lucky you are to have that ..and so many other reasons to smile..

Keep smiling..and keep cool..


You know what makes the darkest of times bearable, Colleen?

Remembering that it's all illusions, in a dreamed-up world, where angels earn their wings, thoughts dress up as things, and that "somewhere back home," you lie safely in bed, in the palm of my hand, snuggled up tight with some big, fluffy stuffed animal.

Nice wings,
The Universe


Betty said...

Snuggled up with a big, fluffy stuffed animal? How about a small, fluffy REAL animal?? I'm sure Braxie and Lulu will be happy to snuggle! Take care.

Heather said...

i'm glad Mr B is doing better and has been released to go back to work. I hope his follow up visit on Friday goes smoothly too.
I'm so glad to hear Larry is doing better as well. You're all still in my prayers :)

diane said...

Glad to hear things are getting back to normal in your houehold. It is true that we can always find something in our lives to smile about.Never mind cuddling a stuffed toy how about a soft, tender, cuddly man.

wendy said...

So glad to hear things are getting better! I love all the pictures you find to post on your blog.
Have a great week! Keeping you in my prayers... Wendy

Julie said...

Aww, that's a nice post, Colleen. Glad to hear about Mr. B, and glad your A/C is fixed. No need for it here. Is that a good thing? Yeah, I have decided it is.

debi @ life in my studio said...

Glad to hear that Mr. B is doing better!
Love the pic of the penguins...cute!

Jean said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! That is amazing to me. I always have good intentions...
I had the same trouble with bird seed. Now I just but sunflower seeds.
I'm glad the 2 of you got to get out and about for a little while. Sure a moralle booster. Hope you're having a great Sunday! Jean