Sunday, August 2, 2009

Motivation Monday

Yeah right..

I guess what we need on a Monday is...motivation.

But not from some overly-cheerful-paid-consultant companies usually know the know...


no no no. not that kind of motivation... MY kind..


...then there's always...

Yeah..the old weight motivation..

..and while I love this picture of Judy & Marge by Mr. Herrero..

I don't love this me..
So, because I've lost my first 50 lbs. (all without giving birth..) I'd rather look like this..

I still have more to go..but I thought I may be able to impart just a teensy bit of motivation or at least tell you how I am trying to continue on this path for another 40 lbs.. or so..

So, okay, here's what I have learned about my favorite

I need to treat me like a child. This whole "adult" thing just isn't working for me.

I mean, how I got to be in the heavi...larg..F-F-F-FATTER photo above was "thinking" I could treat myself as an adult..with the mind-set of a spoiled child..

"I can eat anything I want..even chocolate for breakfast if I want because I'm"

"Don't try to tell me that isn't the way to live/eat/exercise/spend..after all I'm an adult."

Get my point? I treat my grandchildren like children, because they are. And I worry about what my pups should and shouldn't eat for their health..and longevity..

So, I think about how a really good parent treats their child..or a dogma treats her pups..

"You can have that (cookies, sweet, ice cream, treat) if you're still hungry after the fruit,veggie, water..whatever.. OK?"

"You really need to eat something in the morning.."

"Hungry? Dinner's in a half hour. How about an apple to tide you over?"

"If you're really good this week, I'll get you a special surprise! .. (last week it was the Weight Watcher new cookbook (!) and once, the little orange Weight Watcher's "Hungry" stuffed animal..)."

(Yes, bribery DOES work..)

"Soda? about something else? Water with Crystal Light?"

And, I decided this little kid in me I DO actually love and I want to help her make better choices..

So that's what I've done. I've tricked, "pleeease-d", bribed me to a 50 lb. weight loss.

And I will continue to take care of me through the next 40 (or so) lb. weight loss.

I know this may be simplistic, but it's working for me. I don't always make the correct choices
( I ate candy and fries and burgers, and Mexican food this past month) but like a good Mother, I have taken control of my spoiled child and reined her in..

And she's doing so much better now, now that I've explained boundaries to her..and given her options.. (and rEwArdS!!)

OK, so this was a good motivational poster:

So, how do you motivate yourself? And, {in my best Dr. Phil vice}

...How's that workin' for ya??"


diane said...

Gosh you look a million dollars now. You have done well with that motivation strategy so keep it going. I can't believe you could find another 40 pounds to lose. Don't go getting anorexic on us.
My motivation is fitting in my pants.And I give myself rewards for doing exercise.
Its not easy being (green)slim.

Lori R. said...

Thanks mom... hopefully you will look in on me every once in a while and in your mom voice ask me if I am being a good child and staying out of trouble. I am where you were 50 lbs ago and am on the quest of being 50 lighter... I really am working on it and I agree with your strategy... I too am a child at heart and need to reign me in...

All My Yesterdays said...

Kids will be Kids (O:

I'm at the *expanding* part of life's journey right now and that's something new for me. I was always the skinny runt of the bunch...(two sides to every story stuff)

But you keep up the good work and I'll follow along to see how you're doing. I may need the same motivational cheer someday if the waist keeps enlarging..hehe


white o'morn cottage said...

great idea to treat yourself like a'll take really good care of yourself then! You look fabulous by the way...Best wishes ...Pam

Betty said...

"What a difference a day makes"...and, 50 lbs., made a difference, too! You look mah-vel-ous, dahling!

Motivation? that word in a retiree's vocabulary? Not mine.

Lucy said...

I loved this post. I really did. I wouldn't fib ya. :)

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Great Job! Gary and I are on Weight Watchers too!
The ice creams have really been a favorite of ours.
You are such a sweet heart and you do have well power. You look beautiful.
Take care and enjoy your day,

Julie said...

You go girl! Congratulations. I really wish I had stuck with Weight watchers. I had lost 35 pounds and only had 15 pounds to go at the time. Now I have gained back 35 pounds x 3.

What motivates me? Certainly not motivational posters. I hate them! I worked at a company for nine years where they "let" each of us pick out our own poster. I picked the least obnoxious poster there was. Gag me with a spoon!

Sherry said...

Great Job...I always feel better when I eat better too. I need to join you.

madrekarin said...

You look mahvelous, darling. ;)

Pen Pen said...

You look so GOOD.... keep it up, little girl!

Pearl said...

Dahling you look marvelas!!!!