Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho(s) , it's off to work he go(es)..

Well folks, it seems like just yesterday it was Monday. Oh yeah..it was.

And, "on Monday, everybody works." Do you know what movie that quote is from?


I loved that movie with Kevin Klein and Sigourney Weaver..he was the manager of a temporary employment center and his motto was .."On Monday, everybody works.."

If you haven't seen that movie - rent it..I think you'll enjoy it.

He really had a good first day. He was only planning on staying a half day, but felt so good to have his mind stimulated (what..I don't give you enough to think about??) he ended up staying the whole day.

Here's some great things I picked up at the yard sale we spotted on the way to the Farmer's Market in Salt Lake ..

This little radio if for my great son-in-law, Chris, husband to April as sort of a thank-you for being such a good host. It's not easy having your in-laws visit, but to stay an unplanned week, a sleep-deprived Mother-in-Law, injured Father-in-law and move in a hospital bed to boot..deserves more than a yard sale radio- but, I was thinking about him anyway. He loves Coca-Cola and vintage and even though this isn't vintage (really) it's supposed to look that way. And, it works!

And yes....I blew the "son-in-law" budget on this one....

Great movie - "Moonlight and Valentino" again, if you can rent it, I think you'll enjoy it.

Cute handmade apron. Not really useful but cute to look at and it had RED in it..you know how I feel about red :-)
I paid all of $0.75 - so, I'll use it as a cute thing to look at :-)

Wooden cats..with abnormally long tails..$0.25 each -what for you ask? Why to hold my rings of course! When I told the seller what I was going to use them for, she said "Now why didn't I think of that??"
A book "Food and Loathing" ..we'll see...

And a wooden cat with freakishly huge scary eyes on wheels...What for you ask..ummm.. it was a quarter too? Didn't want to leave it there all by itself..

Okay, finally I told April and Kathy that I'd share with them any good Weight Watcher's recipes (from the new book I treated myself to at last week's meeting) and a few others are on WW as well (Hi Elizabeth and Gary!!) so here goes. And yes, arm me with a recipe and the ingredients and I can do a fairly good job. (This one was waaay Yum-O..)

No, that's not the photo from the book..it's from my table tonight :-)

If you click on the recipe, it will come up as readable..unless you have super-eye-powers and can read this small and blurry picture..

Well, that's all from Main Street tonight. Have a safe and FUN tomorrow ..



cherie said...

hi, utah grammie - your site is cool, and so are you! ebjoyed this post so i'll go ahead read more. oooh, my husband will love you to bits - and so will our little boys!

madrekarin said...

Hooray for a good first day back at work!
I think I need to come to Utah and do some yard sale-ing. Ours have not been very good this year. The Goodwill doesn't even have anything worth buying. Ack, I am in severe withdrawals.
Thanks for the movie recommendations. I'll add them to my walking-on-the-tread-mill list!

diane said...

Well done Mr B. I'm sure you will need to extend your house to store all your yard sale treasures. Your meal looked absolutely delicious. You enjoy it more too when you know it is not putting on weight.

Heather said...

i'm glad mr b had a good day at work yesterday. that radio is awesome!!!

Pen Pen said...

Yay, Mr. B... hope he can do it again today! The radio is really cute, if even you did blow the son in law budget...LOL. Love the cats you found... I immediately thought "ring holder" before I read that you were going to use them that way. See, great minds think alike! I think you should model that sassy little apron for us! Have a great day!

June said...

I'm so happy Mr. B got to go back to work and you got to go treasure-hunting. You have a way with it!

white o'morn cottage said...

So glad he's back in harness!

Nan said...

I haven't had a chance to visit since the accident, and I'm happy to see your fella looking so hale and hearty! I love the radio, and I love both movies you mentioned. I think I'll go put them in my netflix queue to watch again.

Karen said...

Nice to see Mr. B going back to work. It seems too soon since his surgery!

the old schoolhouse said...

Hi Colleen and Mr B , glad to see your on the mend, now wipe yer nose and mind the buses [ thats what my mam always said when she wanted us to be careful] best wishes Angie xx