Friday, August 21, 2009

In honor of Randy.

{Jenny's husband}

..and, in the vein of Julio Iglasias/Willie Nelson.. "Pie..the Musical " ..words by me and Willie Nelson (sorry Willie..)

...To all the pies I've loved before..
that traveled in and out my door (thanks Jenny)
I'm glad they came along
I dedicate this song
To all the pies I've loved before

To all the crust I've once caressed
And may I say I've tasted the best
For helping me to GROW,
I owe a lot of it you know..
To all the pies I've loved before.

To all the pies Jenny baked for me..
They filled my mouth with {berries and} ecstasy.
They live within my heart (along with other places)
They'll always be a HUGE part...
Because of all the pies I've loved before.

Jenny & Brooks are our"Utah kids" { along with Jeff & Rachael} and because they are such fun neighbors, Mr. B has had the opportunity to loan a few tools, cooking expertise, advice and assistance, chicken-sitting and general Dad-type stuff...

And he loves pie.

And Jenny bakes pie.

Great pie.

For him.

It started out innocently enough..a lovely pie delivered to our front door..still hot from their oven for Mr. B's birthday.

Did I tell you Mr. B likes pie?


So he started hinting for cooking hints to be offered, advice to be given, tools to be lent...all with the ulterior motive of receiving payment back in the form of ...pie.

And it worked.

Apple pie.

Peach pie.

Cherry pie.

Peach-Berry pie.

And to think because Jenny doesn't eat pie, Brooks was not having pie...

So, we started saving him one (1) piece...of pie....poor guy.

All because, Mr. B likes pie.

Happy Saturday...maybe bake a pie for your neighbor? Or move to our block and Jenny will welcome you with a pie...



Laurie said...

Hah! Love your version much better!
Now I cannot tell a lie, I need to go and bake a pie.
Though next to you I cannot live, a little pie I'll surely give;
to my niece who lives next door, and then I'll have to bake some more!
My husband Ken would love one too, though I can't eat it BooHooHoo!
So thanks for filling up my day with crusty goodness and fillings gay!
And at days end when so content
with tummy's full and time well spent
I'll remember you and this great post
but thankful faces remembered most!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Your pie post is great. I love pie too and make a lemon one very often. It's my fav.
Have a great weekend!

Gaston Studio said...

I love pie so much I don't have a favorite.

Happy birthday Mr. B.

Pen Pen said...

I can just hear Willie singing your pie song! :o) I, too, love pie... lemon and chocolate are my two fav's!

Lori R. said...

And coconut cream, and blueberry, cherry, apple, ya know, french apple, ymmmmm... Oh, I just had my eyes closed dreaming out loud,,,, Yeahhhh, time to go walk off that pie. Remember I am on that quest of being 50 down by next Spring.

the old schoolhouse said...

In the words of a frenchwoman [LET HIM EAT CAKE] or somthing like that , lol, dont you just love when someone goes to all the trouble to bake you a cake, sure it would be rude not to eat it!!!

Shari said...

Your version of the song is the best . . . and now . . . my, oh my, I WANT SOME PIE!

And Dinah Shore is singing:
Shoe fly pie and apple pan dowdy
Makes your eyes light up
Your tummy say "Howdy!"
Shoe fly pie and apple pan dowdy
I never get enough
Of that wonderful stuff!

I wonder how many songs there are about pies? Enjoy!!

white o'morn cottage said...

Love the pie chart!