Sunday, August 30, 2009

Short Post and Hot Dog Tummy..

Blek..I've eaten a hot dog for dinner. And I usually like hot dogs. And they usually like me. But for some reason..not so much today.

Maybe it's because I have been eating far more veggies and fruits and less meats, it was a little too rich.

Whatever the reason...blek. :-(

Mr. B spent the week-end putting together a home gym. The whole week-end. A home gym

In our home.

In 4,000 little pieces.

In our home.

With LOTS of supervisors..
Guess he did good..this was all that was left..

But, now it's up and we're both pleased. We can both work out without having to go to the gym...because we have a our home.

He'll work to regain strength in his arm & shoulder and I'll work out for stamina and to help with my weight loss.

And, I'll work out so I can occasionally have Mexican food and.....toast! Did I ever tell you how much I loooove toast?

Well, I do.

And now, when I go to the our will be a shorter walk to have...toast!

Happy happy me.

Tired, sore Mr. B

I wonder what I'll dream about tonight with my "hot-dog-tummy"??

I wonder how may points in Tums? Or, are Tums considered for medicinal purposes?

Hmmm..things that may you go "Hmmmm"..

Oh the questions I have...



Lori R. said...

Way to go you two!!! I just wish there was a button that would go off auto to knock that sweets whatever out of my hand! And I love toast too.... with homemade jam on top!!!
Pssst.... Your box left Salt Lake City today... should be there soon(I checked the tracking #)

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Doesn't 'some assembly required' just scare you??!! Haha
I ordered a pilates and it was supposed to have minimal assembly but I still managed to struggle with it!
Good luck with your new home gym!!

Pen Pen said...

Mr. B. looks great! So glad he has recovered and can use a "home gym"... in your home. :o) Can't wait to hear about the hot dog dream.

Karen said...

How interesting that the post I read just before yours was dogs!

Just Breathe said...

Sorry about the hot dog.
Good for you with that gym. It looks awesome. I hope you use it for a long, long time. All of my exercise equipment over the years have always become a great place for dust to collect.

June said...

Oh, nothing worse than a sore tummy (or at least it seems that way when you have one). But the new gym should make you feel better in many, many ways. I love sitting on my reclining stationery bike and...reading! Yes, I read and exercise at the same time. It's just so darned nice to accomplish two things at once.

Enjoy your new set-up. And I hope the Tums gave you some relief. Me, I swear by ranitidine. Do I!

Life is good! said...

why not move your toaster right next to your home gym so you can have toast WHILE you exercise! sounds good to me!

Charmingdesigns said...

WoW, to think he got all those little pieces where they belong. thats a good thing! You just won my little charmie, give me a hollar.

vintage at heart said...

Mmmm toast is my fave I can give up just about anything other than my bread!!!
The gym looks great and I admire the tenacity it took to assemble it!! I am bad with directions:))!
Good luck on your weight loss and exercise!

Pearl said...

Wow I'm impressed! A little at a time or you will break like me ):