Thursday, July 31, 2008

Really, really (dumb) good ideas!!!!!

You know how sometimes things sound like good ideas at first? Like right when you say them.??

"let's save money and not eat out so much!......
This is usually said in the parking lot AFTER a huge meal that costs more than a car payment for the month.

"let's get up earlier so we can have quiet time to organize our day!...
Yeah.. like you going to be awake after 7pm to actually DO anything you organized....

"Let's get a treadmill?"....
................Need I say more??

"I'm giving up chocolate, coffee with creamer and .. butter!? (not that the coffee has creamer AND butter,,,that would be silly. ..Its one or the other..)
...just kill me now.

"I'm going to keep a journal!"
..............hello blogging

"I want a job that will give me room to grow!" I WANT bigger butt at my age..duh..

"I'm going to read 3 books a month!" menus count??

"saving money for our retirement is so good!!" we're ever going to be able to retire? Spend it now and have some fun.........

"Sure I still can (insert stupid idea here) jump rope, learn to ride a bike, jump on a pogo stick, ride a horse at my age!!"
.....and you have how much of a deductible in your accident insurance??

"I have PMS and I'm getting a tattoo!"
........................alrighty then..

"I'm bored – I think I'll color my hair!"
................see above.

Still, we make promises, try to do our best, actually do the things we say we're going to do...for about two days..

Ah well - there's always tomorrow...



Pen Pen said...

Love this post! I've often wondered if I could still jump on a pogo stick. I used to be a pretty good skater, and would love to try it again, but I do think about the "what if's!" Ouch!

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

Did the treadmill thingy..hung clothes on it for a while and then sold it a at 1/10 the price at a garage sale so somebody could hand clothes on it. Joined the GYM....yeah right...gonna walk everyday to loose weight...does shopping count? Tried several years ago to learn to many cigarettes for to many years....dumb things make us think we are still young....

Sweet Repose said...

Were we twins separated at birth???


Betty said...

Did you put the 'jump rope' thing in for Kathy? We're with her all the way.

I like the way you write this much
more than the way folks talk about their New Year Resolutions...these you've written can haunt you all year, not just during the first few days of January, eh? Too, too funny! Love ya and I'm gettin' excited more each day!

Jan said...

Let's not eat out as much...that sounds familiar. Actually Eric and I always begin to plan a diet as we're sitting down reading a menu!
I got the's dust covered in a back room somewhere.
I'll never ever think about giving up chocolate...we have to draw the line somewhere.
Oh, I got the tatoo...40th birthday rebellion thing. Still wondering about that one. LOL!
Loved this post!

the old schoolhouse said...

Ah yes we are the same the world over ,got and still have the threadmill aka thing for putting my ironing on ,got the tattoo ,small and discreet ,have been a member of very expencive gym for three years now ,have NEVER been to said gym,dont feel so bad now !!!!!!!!